Ocean Carbon Removal?

Ocean Removal Issues

World Ocean Plankton & CO2 Fall 1207.pdf

Algae +

CO2 Capture by Pumping Surface Acidity to the Deep Ocean 0122 

Southern Ocean Is Absorbing Carbon, Net 0122 - Lots of wave action mixes oxygen down.  Plus cold water absorbs gases better than warmer water.

U.S. Experts Endorse Research on Ocean Carbon-Removal Strategies 1221

How the Humble Salp Is Helping to Fight the Climate Crisis 0621 - Salps, jellyfish and other gelatinous creatures such as comb jellies remove up to an estimated 6.8 billion tonnes of carbon each year from seas around the world.  Of that, some 2 billion tonnes of the carbon is thought to fall to the seafloor, where it stays locked up and out of harm’s way.

Petrifying Climate Change 0621 - Seawater contains a lot of calcium and magnesium.  When the calcium or magnesium ions combine with CO2, they form calcite or magnesite.  This changes CO2 to a mineral, rock as it were.  The chemical reaction is similar to how many marine organisms build their shells.  The research team is using electricity to drive this reaction.

Prairies of the Sea 1120 -Sea grassees store up to 18% of the ocean’s carbon sequestration, even though they cover only about 0.1% of the ocean floor.

The Ocean Is Part of the Climate Change Solution 1019

Seaweed ‘Forests' Can Help Fight Climate Change 0819 - iron fertilization, shoreline mangroves & marshes, offshore wind

Slow Climate Change by Protecting Creatures That Store Carbon in the Ocean 0419

Wetland Mud Is ‘Secret Weapon' against Climate Change 0319

The 7 Positive Externalities of Negative Emissions from OTEC 1218 - OTEC, send surface water deep

Deep Water Seagrass Meadows Are Untapped Carbon Sinks 1218

Invading Plants Boost Blue Carbon 1018

Mangroves May Store Way More Carbon than We Thought 0518

Climate Scientists Unlock Secrets of ‘Blue Carbon’ 0118 - wetlands, mangroves, kelp - C density / hectare equal

Healthy Climate News – 7 Technologies That Could Scale 0317 - 1 involves de-acidifying the ocean..

How to Make Coastal Mangrove Habitats Sequester Even More Carbon 0517

Could Elusive Deep-Sea Microbes Help Fight Climate Change? 0916

How Northern European Waters Soak Up CO2 - 0216

Southern Ocean Showing ‘Remarkable' Revival in Carbon Absorption Ability 0915

How Fjords Are Helping Curb Global Warming 0515

Eelgrass Could Save the Planet 1114

Storm Warning - the Winds of Climate Change 0714

Sea Urchin Nickel Soaks Up CO2 0213  

Mangrove Conservation Is Economic 0812  

Coastal Carbon Sinks in Dire Need of Protection 1209  

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