One outfit’s take on CO2 removal prices, early 2021.  Compare with “Summary of CDR Approaches, by Factor", a little farther below.

CDR & SRM Summary.pptx

The Necessity of Pulling CO2 Out of the Air 1219

Stable Climate May Require Carbon Removal Industry Twice as Big as Fossil Fuel Industry 0919

What You Need to Know about Catching CO2 to Fight Climate Change 0919 - a simple look at CO2 capture from smokestack and direct from ambient air - emphasis on uses for CO2 like enhanced oil recovery 

Stripe Inc. Says Offsets Aren’t Enough; It’s Time to Pay for Negative Emissions 0819

Net-Zero by 2050 - 0519

Scientists Test Radical Ways to Fix Earth's Climate 0519

Can Carbon-Removal Technologies Curb Climate Change? 0419

Finnish Businesses Set Up ‘World's 1st' Market for CO2 Removal Certificates 0419

‘Carbon Removal Is Now a Thing’ - Radical Fixes Get a Boost at Climate Talks 1218

World Needs to Suck CO2 to Meet Goals — National Academies 1018

We Absolutely Must Suck CO2 from the Air, but We Must Be Very Careful 0918

Cutting Emissions Still Matters, but Carbon Capture Rises as a Battlefront 0918

Greenhouse Gas Removal Could Make UK Carbon Neutral by 2050, but Requires Immediate Action 0918

Technological Carbon Removal in the US - WRI 0918 - PDF, 32 pp

This “Carbon Removal Marketplace” Will Make Buying Offsets Easier 0618

Cost Plunges for Capturing CO2 from the Air 0618 - take 2 on another summary (below)

This Is How We Might Pull Carbon Out of the Atmosphere 0618 - another summary of many methods

Methods for Climate Restoration 1017

     summary of many methods of CO2 removal, some with costs, + some solar radiation management

US Tax Incentives Expected to Grow CO2 Capture, Sequestration Projects 0318

Keeping the World below 2°C of Warming Needs Tech We Don’t Have 0218 - pessimistic summary from European National Academies of Science

We Can Pull CO2 from Air, but It's No Silver Bullet for Climate Change 0218 - pessimistic summary, take 2

Section Map: Reversing Climate Change