2021-2024 Articles

South Brazil Floods Wreak Historic Devastation, with More Rain Coming 0524

Oman, UAE Deluge Was ‘Most Likely’ Linked to Climate Change 0424

Andean Alarm – Climate Crisis Increases Fears of Glacial Lake Floods in Peru 0324

Historic Rains Pour over Southern California 0224

Heavy Rains and Floods Batter Northeast Australia 1223

Severe El Niño in S. America Previews Changed World – Dengue, Drought, Floods 1223

Monster Floods Push Hong Kong to Confront a Changing Climate 1123

Deaths Rise to 47 after Icy Flood Swept through India’s Himalayan Northeast 1023

Record Heat Is Unleashing Deadly Floods, from US to Libya 1023

‘Sea Is Constantly Dumping Bodies’ - Libya Flood Death Toll May Hit 20,000 - 0923 - 100 mm rain in one day, 100 times the average for all of September.

5,200+ Dead and 10,000 Missing after Unprecedented Flash Floods in Libya 0923 - Two dams, one not far up the wadi (wash), broke from the overqwleming rain.

Hong Kong Paralyzed by Flash Flooding after Heaviest Rainfall on Record 0923

Floods Take Deadly Toll in Greece and Turkey 0923

Pakistan Is the Epicenter of a Global Wave of Climate Health Threats 0923 - Flooding 1/3 of country has long-term consequences, on food, disease, the economy, etc.

Vermont's Flood-Wracked Capital Ponders Rebuild with Eye on Climate Change 0823

China’s ‘Sponge Cities’ Are Not Built for Extreme Flood Events 0823

Flooding Kills 15 in Chinese City, amid Bout of Extreme Weather 0723

S. Korea Downpour Leaves 40 Dead, So President Yoon Visits Damaged Areas 0723

2 Weeks of Record Monsoon Rains Have Killed over 100 People in North India 0723

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Delhi Evacuates 20,000 Residents as Yamuna River Swells to Record 0723

Heavy Rainfall and Flooding Hit US Northeast 0723

Wettest New Delhi July Day in 41 Years Triggers Deadly Floods in North India 0723

Heavy Rains Threaten China’s Wheat Supply for Buns and Noodles 0523

Congo Flood Survivors Mourn Lost Relatives as Death Toll Rises above 400 - 0523

Flooding in Africa’s Great Lakes Region Claims 100s of Lives 0523

Global Warming Driving More Extreme Droughts and Floods - NASA 0323

Water Disasters, Dry and Wet, Are Getting More Intense as Earth Warms 0323

Another Atmospheric River Is Bringing More Flooding to California 0323

Pakistani Villages Recover Slowly from Epic Floods 0323

Flooding and Landslides Kill Dozens in Brazil’s São Paulo State 0223

As Glaciers Melt, Sudden Flood Risks Threaten 15 Million People 0223

South Sudan Has Been Flooded for 4 Years 0123

Floods Devastate Philippines, Fuel Concerns over Extreme Weather 0123

Northern California Sees Historic Deluge, as Atmospheric River Slams State 0123

After a Year of Rain, Towns at the Mouth of Australia’s Great River System Await the Slow, Inevitable Deluge 1222

At Least 141 Die in Congo as Floods and Landslides Hit Capital 1222

Climate Change Made Deadly Floods in West Africa 80 Times More Likely 1122

Africa’s Unreported Extreme Weather in 2022 and Climate Change 1022

West Africa Floods Destroy Crops, Worsening Hunger Fears 1022

‘We Have No Dry Land Left’ - Impact of Pakistan Floods to Be Felt for Years 1022

Fleeing Floodwaters Is Now a Way of Life on Banks of New Delhi's Yamuna River 1022

After the Storm, the Mold - Warming Is Worsening Another Costly Disaster 1022

As Flood Waters Recede in Pakistan, 2nd Wave of Disaster Strikes 0922

Nigeria Battles Worst Floods in Years; 300 Killed in 2022 - 0922

‘No One Is Caring for Us’ - Pakistanis Struggle for Survival after Floods 0922

China's Drought-Hit Areas Get Rain, Bringing Flood Risks 0822

Deadly Floods Are Wreaking Global Havoc 0822

Pakistan Declares Floods a ‘Climate Catastrophe’ as Death Toll Tops 1,000 - 0822

Climate Change Could Push Flood Damage to $3 Billion a Year in Western U.S. 0822

Dozens Killed in Monsoon Flash Floods in Northern India 0822 - in Himalayas northwest of Nepal

Dallas Area Hit by 1-in-1,000-Year Flood 0822

Record Death Valley Flooding Was ‘a Once-in-1,000-Year Event’ 0822

Climate Crisis Is Fueling the Barrage in America’s Summer of Floods 0822

Seoul Sees “2 Months” of Rain in Half a Day, Killing at Least 8 - 0822

Flash Floods Kill 550 in Pakistan, in Heaviest Rains in Decades 0822

After Unprecedented Heat Waves, Monsoon Rains and the Worst Floods in Over a Century Devastate South Asia 0822

Flash Floods Swamp St. Louis Area, Breaking a Century-Old Rain Record 0722

China Hit by Floods and Heat Waves, in Climate Double Whammy 0622

Climate Change Is a Factor in 'Unprecedented' South Asia Floods 0622

All Yellowstone National Park Entrances Closed by Unprecedented Flooding 0622

Millions Displaced and Dozens Dead in Flooding in India and Bangladesh 0522

As Record-Setting Heat Blasts Pakistan, a Glacial Lake Floods a Village 0522

Death Toll in South Africa Floods Passes 306 - 0422

Extreme Rainfall Hits New Zealand and Brazil 0322

Climate Change Threatens Nearly 1/3 of U.S. Hazardous Chemical Facilities 0322

Climate Change Brings Extreme, Early Impact to South America 0322

Cities Submerged, at Least 10 Dead in ‘Unprecedented’ Australian Floods 0322

Climate Change Turns Brazil’s Favelas into Mudslide Disasters Waiting to Happen 0222

The Engineers Battling to Stop Global Warming Ruining Roads 0222

U.S. Flooding Losses Will Spike 26% by 2050 due to Climate Change 0122

South Africa’s Heaviest Rain on Record Causes Destructive Floods 0122

Brazil’s Extreme Weather Is Flooding Mines, Drying Up Crops 0122

German Floods Cost a Record $40 Billion, Munich Re Estimates 0122

Domino Flood Effect in Kenya 1221

U.S. Businesses Could Face $13.5 Billion from Flood Damage Next Year 1221 - rain and sea level rise

Pacific Storm Whips Hawaii with Rain and Snow, Causing Floods 1221

Farm Animals Died by the 100s of 1,000s in British Columbia Floods 1221

Trapped by Rising Water in South Sudan 1221

Climate Change Could Leave Millions of Miles of US Roads Inoperable in 30 Years 1121

Record Rainfall Prompts Evacuations in B.C. and US Northwest 1121

Dozens Drown in India and Nepal as Monsoon Season Fails to End 1021

Flood-Threat Assessment Finds Danger Goes Far beyond U.S. Homes 1021

Raging Flood Waters Driven by Climate Change Threaten Trans-Alaska Pipeline 1021

4 Dead in Alabama after Flash Flood Emergency in Birmingham & 1 Foot of Rain 1021

Climate Change’s ‘Fingerprint’ Seen in Ida Flooding 0921

Why New York’s Subway Keeps Flooding 0921 - They are designed to flood with heaviest rains.  On a typical dry day, 13 million gallons of water are pumped out of the subways.

New York City Region's Historic Floods Send Deadly Climate Change Lesson 0921 - 3.15 inches of rain in 1 hour in Central Park and 3.24 inches at Newark airport.  8.41 inches in 24 hours at Newark.

Ida Leaves Toxic Chemicals, Sewage Swirling in Its Wake 0921 - Louisiana mostly

Climate Change Made Heavy Rains in Europe, for German Floods, More Likely 0821

Tennessee Floods Show Pressing Climate Danger across USA - Walls of Water 0821

Floods Make 1,000s Homeless in Bangladesh Rohingya Camps 0721

8 Inches in 1 Hour - How a Deadly Downpour Flooded Zhengzhou, China 0721 - 24 inches in 24 hours

Chinese City Hit by Deadly Floods Had Heat Waves Days Before 0721

Death Toll Rises and 1,000s Flee Homes as Floods Hit China 0721 - dead in car tunnels and subway cars

100s Missing in Europe Floods Are Safe, Even as Death Toll Rises 0721

Climate Scientists Shocked by Scale of Floods in Germany 0721

Flooding from Torrential Rains Kills at Least 67 in Germany and Belgium 0721

Michigan Flooding - 50 Drivers Rescued and 350 Vehicles Damaged 0621

Risk of Flooding from Melted Glaciers to Increase as Climate Warms 0521

Australia’s Worst Floods in Decades Quicken Concerns about Climate Change 0321

Hawaii’s Rains, Floods Cited as Examples of Climate Change 0321

Climate Change Increases Flood Risk for Some 230,000 Ohio Valley Homes 0221

Cost of Flood Damage to U.S. Homes Will Increase by 61% in 30 Years 0221

Climate Threats Could Mean Big Jumps in Flood Insurance Costs This Year 0221

Indonesia Boosts Steps to Curb Climate Risks as Floods Hit Growth 0121

Climate Change Blamed for 1/3 of U.S. Flood Losses in Past 3 Decades 0121

Floods Predicted to Uproot 50 Million People a Year as Climate Heats Up 1219

3rd Round of Flooding in 2019 Likely along Missouri River 0919

100-Year Floods Could Soon Happen Annually in Parts of U.S. 0819

Flooding Kills Dozens in Nepal as Waters Rise Across Asia 0719

Deadly Flooding Is Rocking Texas.  This Is Our Future under Climate Change. 0519

Wettest 12 Months in US Record Left It Drought-Free.  But Flooding Is Rampant 0519

Intense Rainfall Is as Damaging to Crops as Heatwaves and Drought. Climate Change Is Making It Worse. 0519

Canada’s Extreme Floods Show Climate Threat as Experts Warn of Further Tumult 0419

The Midwest Floods Are Going to Get Much, Much Worse 0319

Floods Show National Security Threat Posed by Climate Change 0319

Record Floods Could “Test the Limits” of Midwest Defenses 0319

Extreme Rainfall in Australia Forces Evacuations, Could Flood 20,000 Homes 0219

3/4 of Venice Flooded by Exceptional High Tide 1018

'Catastrophic' Floods Rising on Amazon River 0918

India's Devastating Rains Match Climate Change Forecasts 0818

Japan’s Death Toll from Record Rain Rises as PM Warns of 'Race against Time’ 0718

Immense Rains Are Causing More Flash Flooding, and It’s Getting Worse 0618

America’s Flooded Future 0518 - Ellicott City’s 2nd once-a-millennium flood in 2 years, 3 days before article, for starters

Floods Are Getting Worse, and 2,500 Chemical Sites Lie in Their Path 0218

This Is What Happens when the Hurricane Hits Miami in 2037 - 1217

Climate Change Made Hurricane Harvey's Rainfall Worse, Study Finds 1217

Floods, Droughts, and India's Uncertain Climate Future 1117

Climate Change Could Dampen Argentina’s Recovery 0917

Damage to Its Coral Reefs Has Made Florida More Vulnerable to Storm Surges 0917

Florida’s Beaches Await Irma’s Erosion Wrath 0917

Harvey Could Reshape How and Where Americans Build Homes 0817

Floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal Kill 1,200, Leaving Millions Homeless 0817

How Climate Change Could Turn US Real Estate Prices Upside Down 0817

Harvey’s Toll on Energy Industry Shows a Texas Vulnerability 0817

Houston's Flood Is a Design Problem 0817

North Carolina Coast Faces Chronic Flooding 0817

Harvey’s Incredible Rains in Southeast Texas; Flood Emergency in Houston 0817

A Texas Newsroom Predicted a Disaster.  Now It’s Close to Coming True. 0817

Rivers Are Flooding Earlier in Parts of Europe, as Climate Changes 0817

Peru’s Flood of Problems 0817

Floods, Reef Loss and Migration - Asia's Future on a Hotter Planet 0717

Swathes of South China under Water, Heat Strikes North 0717

Houston Fears Catastrophic Flooding from Climate Change - 'It's Not If, It's When.’ 0617

Rare US Floods to Become the Norm if Emissions Aren't Cut 0617

Land Use and Climate Change Could Increase B.C. Flood Frequency 0517

Millions of Colombians at Risk from Climate Change 0417 - floods & mudslides from denuded slopes

Rising Waters Threaten China’s Rising Cities 0417

Zimbabwe Hit by Deadly Floods after Drought 0317

Chile Floods - Millions without Water in Capital Santiago 0217

San Jose, California Hit by Worst Floods in a Century 0217

California Levee System Battered by Record Rainfall from 'Atmospheric River' 0217

Coastal Cities Could Flood 3 Times a Week by 2045 - 0217

In Peru, Droughts Give Way to Floods as Climate Change Looms 0217

Flood Disasters More than Double across Europe in 35 Years 0117

Flooding in Denmark Becoming the Norm 0117

U.S. Had More Floods in 2016 than Any Year on Record 0117

Cruel Summer - Floods, Fires and Heat 0816 - record rain in Louisiana, plus sinking land & rising sea

Louisiana Flood of 2016 Resulted from '1,000-Year' Rain in 2 Days 0816

India Climate - What Do Drowning Rhinos and Drought Tell Us? 0816

China's $22 Billion Flood Is 5th Costliest Non-U.S. Weather Disaster Ever 0716

Climate Change Makes Flood More Likely, More Damaging 0716

Climate Change Plagues Madagascar's Poor- 'The Water Rose So Fast' 0716

West Virginia Calls for Federal Aid, as Flooding Kills at Least 26 - 0616

Flooding Costs Will Soar in a Warming World, Economic Analysts Say 0616

Without Global Warming, Paris Floods Would Have Been Far Less Likely 0616

Flooding In Europe.  Texas Suffers 500-Year Flood for 2nd Year in a Row. 0616

Climate Change, Runaway Development Worsen Houston Floods 0516

Over 1 Billion People Could Be at Risk of Coastal Flooding by 2060 - 0516

57 Tube Stations at High Risk of Flooding, Says London Underground Report 0416

Argentina Declares Flood Emergency in 6 Key Farm Provinces 0216

Climate Change Boosted ‘Once-a-Century’ Floods 0216

Effects of Climate Change in Bangladesh 0116

Ocean Warming is Making Floods Worse 0116

Hunger Threatens Millions, as El Niño Causes Drought and Floods 1215

Tracking the Massive Floods Affecting the Midwest 0116

Fire, Floods, Tornadoes - Fatal Weather Rounds out a Year of Extremes in 2015 - 1215

Floods of Biblical Proportions Leave British Cities and Villages under Water 1215

Balkan Nations among Those Hit Hardest by Climate Impacts in 2014 - 1215

Laos Counts Climate Change Costs - Record Floods, Drought and Landslides 1115

Beyond What Exxon Knew, Refineries Face Flooding Dangers 1115

More than 100,000 Flee Floods in Japan, after ‘Once-in-50-Years' Rain 0915

Severe Drought, Floods Destroy Crops in Papua New Guinea Highlands 0915

Deadly Floods Leave Trail of Destruction across Southern Asia 0815

Freak High Temperatures Trigger Ice Melt, Flooding, Mudslides in Tajikistan 0715

Rising Seas, Storm Surge, Rain Raise Severe Flooding Risk in Biggest US Cities 0715

Flooding May Spur Algae in Lake Erie 0715

Flooding Risk Rises with Global Warming 0615

Climate Change, a Factor in Texas Floods, Largely Ignored 0515

Rise in Government Insurance Rates to Mirror Rising Waters, Flood Debt 0315

Flash Floods in Chile’s Atacama Desert Kill 2 - 0315

1 in 6 UK Homes at Risk from Flooding 0315

UK's Coastal Railways Vulnerable to Climate Threat 0315

The Pentagon & Climate Change - How Deniers Put National Security at Risk 0215

Climate Change Could Bring More Disease, Crop Damage, Fires to Colorado 0215

Climate Change Pushes India's Poorest Children into Slavery 0215

With Climate Change, Himalayas' Future is Warmer, Not Necessarily Brighter 0115

2014 Articles and earlier

Malaysian PM Najib Razak Cuts Short Holiday to Tour Devastated Flood Areas 1214

Sea Level Rise Making Floods Routine for Coastal Cities 1014

Flooding Risk From Climate Change, Country by Country 0914

Flooding from Storm Surge Would Threaten D.C. Infrastructure 0914

Heavy Rain and Floods - the 'New Normal' with Climate Change? 0814

Record-Smashing 11-Inch Rainfall in 3 Hours Swamps Long Island 0814

Unprecedented Flooding Event in Detroit Fits Global Warming Pattern 0814

Canada’s Record Rains Cut Wheat Acreage to 3-Year Low 0714

Floods Affect Over 1 Million in Balkans, Destruction “Terrifying” 0514

Calamitous Climate Plays Part in Florida’s Record Rainfall 0514

Epic Rains Deluge Florida Panhandle & Parts of Alabama 0414

Storm Surge Could Flood NYC 1 in Every 4 Years 0414

UK Winter Wettest on Record - Met Office 0214

Steep Flood Insurance Rate Hikes Strike Rural Areas 1113

Industry Alarm Over Worsening Thai Floods 1013

Heaviest Rain in 52 Years Floods Streets and Homes in Shanghai 1013

Melting Permafrost Eroding Siberian Coasts 1013

8 Buried in Mexico Mudslide; Storm Death Toll Rises to 97 - 0913

Chaos as Floods Submerge Mexico's Acapulco, Death Toll Rises 0913

Nearly 1,900 Wells Shut Down as Floods Inundate Oil and Gas Fields 0913

Thousands Evacuate as Typhoon Lashes Japan 0913

Colorado’s ‘Biblical’ Flood in Line with Climate Trends 0913

Britain's Landslides Up 5-fold in a Year, Due to Heavy Rains 0913

Post-Katrina, Black Families Still More Vulnerable to Extreme Weather 0813

Ecologists Link Far East Floods to Global Warming 0813

Most of Manila Under Water, as Record Storms Sweep Parts of Asia 0813

What’s Making the Floods Worse in Manila? 0813

Russia Evacuates 19,000 from Flooded Far East 0813

Fires, Smoke, Floods Are Drawbacks of Alaska's Hot Summer 0813

World's Coastal Cities Face $1 Trillion Flood Losses a Year by 2050 0813

Monsoon Flooding Kills Scores across Afghanistan and Pakistan 0813

NW India Floods - More Than 5,700 People Presumed Dead 0713

Rainstorms Flood Sichuan Province in China 0713

Alberta Floods a Wake Up Call to Flooding Dangers 0613

India Floods - Rescue Efforts Intensify, as Death Toll Rises 0613

Indian Assam's Climate-Change Refugees Flee Rising Monsoon Flooding 0613

Drought, Flood Signal Iowa's Future 0613 - also available above

As Calgary Floods, Scientists Warn of Rising Risks 0613

2013 Floods Drown Europe, Germany 0613

Central Europe Floods Portend a Wet Future 0613

When Rain, Rain Won't Go Away 0413 - Northeast US

Climate Change, Poor Urban Planning Contributed to Deadly Argentine Floods 0413

Record Rain in Argentina Is Sign of Things to Come 0413

Thousands Cut Off as Australian Rivers Peak 0213

Flooding Ends Drought in Zimbabwe 0213

Jakarta Is Under Water 0113

Northeast Flood Risk Will Rise with Climate Change 1112

Asia Mega-Cities Most Vulnerable to Floods from Warming 1012

NYC Subways Crippled by Superstorm Floodwaters 1012

Thailand Floods Take Heavy Toll on Industrial Production 1011

Arctic Storm Moves Sea 20 Miles Inland - Climate Change 0511

Floods & Mudslides on 4 Continents 0810 - China, Pakistan, Niger, Chad, Brazil, Poland, Germany, etc.

Flood Covers 20% of Pakistan 0810

Worst Flood in Pakistan History 0710

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