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Record high global sea surface temperatures continue to set records.

The map below measures heating-degree weeks.  The higher the heating-degree-weeks, the worse the coral bleaching.  Bleaching hot spots are circled (ovaled) in white.

2021-24 Articles

Can Corals Be Saved? 0424

Heat Stress Is Plunging the World’s Coral Reefs Into Crisis 0424

Great Barrier Reef Suffers Record Coral Bleaching, Damage 18 Meters Down 0424

NOAA Confirms 4th Global Coral Bleaching Event 0424

Corals Are Bleaching in Every Corner of the Ocean, Threatening Its Web of Life 0424

6 Months after the Heat Spiked, Caribbean Corals Are Still Reeling 0324

Global Coral Reef Heat Stress Monitors Add New Alerts as Temperatures Rise 0124

Largest, Hottest, Longest Caribbean Bleaching - Corals Dying from Extreme Heat 1023

Extreme Heat Is Taking a Toll on Florida Bay 1023

Florida Coral Reef Fights to Survive After Record Ocean Heat Wave 1023

‘Coral Are Going to Die’ - Maui Wildfires Take Toxic Toll on Marine Ecology 0823

Rising Temperatures Are Wreaking Havoc Year-Round 0823

A Desperate Push to Save Florida’s Coral - Get It Out of the Sea 0723 - Keep a few corals in tanks on land, for eventual re-seeding.

Ocean Heat around Florida is Unprecedented. Coral Bleaching Abounds. 0723

Scientists Find Deep Corals in Mediterranean That Withstand Heat Waves 0623

Giving ‘Mother Nature a Little Bit of a Boost’ on the Great Barrier Reef Corals 1122

To Grow Coral Reefs, Get Them Buzzed 1022 - Run small electric current (milli-amps) thru coral reefs being built

Most Great Barrier Reef Coral Studied This Year Was Bleached 0522

How Marine Heat Waves in Hawaii Have Ripple Effects All the Way to Arizona 0522

These Hawaiian Corals Could Hold the Secret to Surviving Warming Waters 0522

One of Great Barrier Reef’s Healthiest Reefs Succumbs to Bleaching 0322

Great Barrier Reef Faces More Damage as Hot Seas Cause Bleaching 0322

Some Corals Can Be Conditioned to Tolerate Heat 0322

Rumors of This Coral’s Survival Were Greatly Exaggerated 0222

Mediterranean Corals Collapse under Relentless Heat 0222

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Heated Oceans Endanger Coral Reefs 0910   Red high risk, yellow medium, blue low

Coral Reefs at Risk of Dissolving as Oceans Get More Acidic 0218

Coral Reefs Are Bleaching Too Frequently to Recover 0118Damage to Its Coral Reefs Has Made Florida More Vulnerable to Storm Surges 0917

240-Year-Old Nautical Maps Show Coral Loss Is Much Worse than We Knew 0917

World's Northernmost Coral Reef Bleached in Japan 0717

Floods, Reef Loss and Migration - Asia's Future on a Hotter Planet 0717

The Great Barrier Reef Is a Treasure Worth $42 Billion 0617

US Coral Reefs Are on Course to Disappear within Decades 0517

Great Barrier Reef 2050 Plan No Longer Achievable, due to Climate Change 0517

Loss of Coral Reefs from Warming Seas Could Cost $1 Trillion Globally 0417

Great Barrier Reef - 2/3 Damaged in ‘Unprecedented' Bleaching 0417

Coral Reefs' Only Hope Is Halting Global Warming, Study Says 0317

Global Coral Die-Off 0317

Great Barrier Reef Bleached for Unprecedented 2nd Year Running 0317

Coral Bleaching Kills 70% of Japan’s Biggest Coral Reef 0117

Great Barrier Reef Not Likely to Survive if Warming Trend Continues 1216

Why the Death of Coral Reefs Could Be Devastating for Millions of Humans 1116

Northern Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching Damage Worse, Surveys Show 1016

Global Coral Bleaching Event Might Become New Normal, Expert Warns 0916

Climate Change Unleashes Ghostly Death on Great Barrier Reef 0916

Global Coral Bleaching Event to Hit U.S. Hard, with No End in Sight 0616

Coral Reefs Doing Better Than Expected in Many Areas 0616 - where they are not otherwise impacted by humans

Sad Truth - Great Barrier Reef May Never Rebound to Previous Health 0516

1/3 of Central, Northern Great Barrier Reef Corals Dead 0516

Coral Species May Find Respite from Bleaching More than 40 Meters Below 0516

India’s Coral Reefs Experiencing Widespread Bleaching 0516

Florida’s Coral Reef Is Disintegrating 0516

Coral Bleaching Spreads from Great Barrier Reef to Western Australia 0416

93% of Australia's Great Barrier Reef Is Bleaching 0416

Climate-Related Death of Coral around World Alarms Scientists 0416

Link between Fossil Fuels and Great Barrier Reef Bleaching Is Incontrovertible 0316

Severe Coral Bleaching Worsens in Most Pristine Parts of Great Barrier Reef 0316

Longest Global Coral Bleaching on Record Isn’t Over Yet 0216

Coral Bleach Impact 0216 - 25-30% mortality so far in Fiji during this El Niño

Christmas Island Corals Aren’t Just Bleaching from El Niño.  They’re Dying. 1215

Abrupt Changes in Food Chains Predicted as Southern Ocean Acidifies Fast 1115 -
    Pteropods, at the base of the food web, can’t form shells.

Pacific Ocean Becomes a Cauldron 1115 - 3rd great cral bleaching event is under way.

Dramatic Worldwide Coral Bleaching Event Is Now Underway 1015

World's Richest Reef System Could Soon Succumb to Climate Change – WWF 0915

3rd Recorded Global Coral Bleaching Event May Be Underway 0915

Great Barrier Reef Species More at Risk from Climate Change 0815

Scientists Warn that 2°C Target Is Not Enough to Protect Corals, Marine Life 0815

Australia's Deep-Sea Coral Reefs Could Be Dead within 50 Years 0615

How Corals Could Survive a Warming Planet.  (But What about Acidity?) 0615

Global Warming Fuels Coral Killer 0215

Warmer Waters Help Starfish Thrive and Devour the Great Barrier Reef 0215

To Save Coral Reefs, First Save the Mangroves 0215

Genetically Modified Coral Could Help Save Reefs 0215

‘Doomed’ Corals to Face Worst Bleaching in Decades 1214

Great Barrier Reef Protection Plan ‘Ignores the Threat of Climate Change' 1014

Great Barrier Reef - 'a Massive Chemistry Experiment Gone Wrong’ 1014

Panama’s Coral Reefs Ringed with Threats 1014

Caribbean Coral Reefs ‘Will be Lost Within 20 Years’ 0714

Climate Change, Coral Reefs, Deforestation and Dengue 0414

Coral Reefs Die as Ocean Water Warms and Turns Acid 0613 

Coal Boom Could Destroy Great Barrier Reef 0513

Particulates from Fossil Fuels Affect Coral Growth 0413

Warming Favors Soft Corals Over Hard Reef-Building Corals 0313

Australia's Coal to Destroy Great Barrier Reef 0313

Booming Coal Exports Threaten Great Barrier Reef 0213 

Caribbean Coral Reefs Ready to Shrink 0113

Half of Great Barrier Reef Coral Lost in Last 27 Years 1012 

World’s Coral Reefs Can No Longer Be Saved 0712 

Coral Reefs Move North 1111

Coral Reefs Head for Fishing & Climate Crisis 0211  

Coral Reef Future Is Bleak - Hoegh-Guldberg 0111 - PDF

Warming Kills Up to 80% of Corals in Indian Ocean 1010

Coral Reef Deaths Soar in Record Ocean Heat 0710

Warming Slows Red Sea Coral Growth 0710

Services of Coral Reefs, Forests Worth Trillions 1109

Outlook Poor for Great Barrier Reef 0909

19% of Coral Reefs Gone, Rest Going 1208

Oceans & Other

January 2018

Ocean Slime Spreading Quickly Across the Earth 0816

Warming Could Mean More Algae Blooms Like Florida’s 0716

Ocean Warming due to Plankton Collapse 0616

CO2 Causing 'Intoxication' of Ocean Fish Sooner than Expected 0116

Pacific Shellfish Set for Price Hike, as Ocean Acidity Keeps Rising 0116

Abrupt Changes in Food Chains Predicted as Southern Ocean Acidifies Fast 1115

Marine Food Chains at Risk of Collapse, Extensive Oceans Study Finds 1015

Climate Change Could Push These Tiny Marine CyanoBacteria to Evolve - Irreversibly 0915

Great Barrier Reef Species More at Risk from Climate Change 0815

Too Warm, Too Few Fish - Health Warning for World’s Oceans 0815

Ocean Acidification Threatens Balance of Plankton Species - Why That Matters 0715

Tropical Fish Are Genetically Adapting to Cope with Warmer Waters 0715

Seaweed Might Have the Power to Make the Oceans Less Acidic 0515

Dead Zones - Where Animals Suffocate and Die - Found in Atlantic Open Waters 0415

The Changing Tide 0415

Lobster Growth Rates Declining 0415

Sea Urchins Work Overtime to Cope with Rising Ocean Acidity 0315

Climate Change Can Skew Fish Gender Ratios 0315

Massive Ocean Oxygen Loss from Melting Ice, Warming, 10-17 Millennia Ago 0115

Examining How Marine Life Might Adapt to Acidified Oceans 0514

Warmer Water Linked to More Mercury in Fish 1013

Algal Blooms Causing Concern in Northern Lakes 1013

Toxic Algal Blooms and Warming Waters: the Climate Connection 0913

Warming Lake Superior Prompts a Tribe to Try a New Fish 1013

As Antarctic Sea Ice Melts, Seaweed Smothers Seafloor 0813

Ocean Microbes Feel a Warming Climate’s Effects 0713  

78% Drop in Coastal Fish Over 40 Years Off California 0713

Jellyfish Surge in Mediterranean 0613

Slippery Slope to Slime 0413

Dead Zones Warming Extinguished Most Species 180 Mya 0213

Climate Change May Shrink Fish 0912

Ocean Acidification Threatens Food Security 0912  

Volcanic Vents Model CO2 Acid Future - 30% Biodiversity Loss 0212

UK Warming Replaces Cold-Water Fish with Warm 0911

Oceans Are Dying 0610

Fish Shrink Due to Climate Change 0709

Acid Ocean Thins Marine Shells 0409 

Warming Drives Jellyfish Explosion 0808

Warm Seas Hurt Plankton 1206 

Adding CO2 Damages Ocean Life 0706 

Acid Ocean Destroys Diatoms 0406

Toxic Algae

Massive Kamchatka Die-Off Threatens Bottom Dwellers, Endangered Sea Otters 1020

Lake Erie’s Toxic Green Slime is Getting Worse with Climate Change 0820

As Cape Cod Warms, Nightmare of Toxic Algae Plagues Its Ponds 0720

Rising Ocean Temperatures Intensify Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Levels in Southeast Alaska Waters 0819

Climate Change Could Worsen Foul-Smelling Algae on Mexican Tourist Beaches 0719

This Year’s Wild, Wet Spring Is Feeding Massive Blobs of Toxic Algae 0719

Algae Blooms Fed by Farm Flooding Add to Midwest's Climate Woes 0619

As Climate Warms, Algae Blooms in Drinking Water Supplies 0918

Algae Bloom in Lake Superior Raises Worries on Climate Change and Tourism 0918

How Climate Change Is Making ‘Red Tide’ Algal Blooms Even Worse 0818

Toxic Algae Spreads in Baltic Waters, in Biggest Bloom in Years 0818

Warming Drives Spread of Toxic Algae in US 0618

Toxic Algae Blooms Occurring More Often, May Be Caught in Climate Change Feedback Loop 0518

Death by Killer Algae 1117 - oceans

250,000 Football Fields of Green Algae Now Cover Lake Erie 1017

Climate Change Is Making Algal Blooms Worse 0417

Global Warming Could Bring Rise in Toxic Shellfish That Can Lead to Memory Loss and Potentially Kill 0117

Pacific Warm Water “Blob” Contributed to a Record Toxic Algae Bloom 1216

The Pacific Blob Caused an Unprecedented Toxic Algal Bloom; More Is Coming 0916

Toxic Algal Bloom Explodes in Chesapeake Bay This Summer 0916

Warming Could Mean More Algae Blooms Like Florida’s 0716

Toxic Algae May Become Common on British Columbia Coast 0316

Rising Lake Temperatures May Worsen Algae Blooms 1215

Heavier Rains Mean More Toxic Blooms for Lake Erie 0715

Flooding May Spur Algae in Lake Erie 0715

Algal Blooms Causing Concern in Northern Lakes 1013

Warming May Mean More Toxic Algae Blooms for Lake Erie 0413  

Harmful Algae Blooms Increase as World Lakes Warm 0113 

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