Range Shifts

From the IPCC’s March 2014 AR 5 Impacts Summary.

Across the Boreal Forest, Scientists Are Tracking Warming’s Toll 0122

Climate Change Helps Invasive Species Take Over Montana Trout Habitats 0122

We Saved the Puffins.  Now a Warming Planet Is Unraveling that Work. 0122

Climate Change Has Destabilized Earth’s Poles, Imperiling the Rest of the Planet 1221

Wildfires Are Accelerating Tree Migration from Climate Change 1121

Maine Bird Species May Become Extinct in Our Lifetime as Climate Warms 1121

Rising Arctic Temperatures Mean Migrating North No Longer Worth It for Many Species 1021

When West Coast Waters Warmed Up, They Brought New Species - to Stay 1021

Warm Waters Further Threaten Depleted Maine Shrimp Fishery 0821

Phytoplankton Blooms Hint at Changing Arctic Waters 0821

Here’s What Climate Change Will Mean for Bats 0721

As Climate Warms, a Rearrangement of World’s Plant Life Looms 0621

Pacific Heat Wave Had Lasting Impacts on Gulf of Alaska Marine Species 0421

Marine Species Increasingly Can’t Live at Equator, due to Global Heating 0421

Desert Creatures Survive Climate Change Underground 0221

Small Mammals Climb Higher in Colorado Rockies to Flee Warming 0221

Ocean Heating May Shrink the Breathable Ranges of Marine Animals 0920

Climate Change for Tropical Fisheries to Make Waves across the World 0820

Scientists Try Assisted Migration to Help Trees Survive Climate Change 0720

Arctic Battling Climate Change and Beavers 0720

Deep Ocean Will Be Warming Rapidly by 2050, Even if Global Emissions Decline 0520

Climate Change Is Turning the Snow in Antarctica Green with Algae 0520

Warming Seawater Will Push Antarctic Krill Farther South 0520

Warming Waters Are Altering Marine Life Abundance 0320

2019 Articles and earlier

Drought-Hit Zimbabwe Readies Mass Wildlife Migration 1119

Massive Reorganization of Life across Earth’s Ecosystems, Study Finds 1019

Great Plains’ Ecosystems Have Shifted 365 Miles Northward since 1970 - 0719

Climate Change Threatens to Water Down Brazilian Cerrado’s Rich Biodiversity 0619

Climate Change is Altering the Composition of the World’s Plankton Communities 0519
    Zooplankton, notably the terribly common Foraminifera, shift 374 miles poleward on average.

Major Emperor Penguin Breeding Ground Gone Barren since 2016 - 0419

Why Did the Armadillo Cross the Road into Kansas?  Climate Change 0419

Caribou and Moose Move North to Survive 0319 - to the shores of the Arctic

Great Lakes Basin Warming Faster than Other Parts of the US 0319

Species by the Dozen Moved North during Marine Heat Waves 0319

Global Warming Could Decimate Fish Supplies and Fuel Migration 0219

Antarctica's Krill Shift South as Icy Waters Warm 0119

The Baltic Sea Offers a Preview of What’s to Come with Global Warming 1218

Sperm Whales Sighting in Arctic Is Sign of Changing Ecosystem 1118

Ocean Shock 1018

Phytoplankton Blooms Are Moving into New Territory in the Arctic Ocean 1018

Taller Plants Moving into Warmer Arctic 0918

Global Warming Is Pushing Alpine Animals to Mountain Peaks - and Extinction 0918

Climate Change Could Render Many of Earth’s Ecosystems Unrecognizable 0818

Areas Where Cold Temperatures Limit Plant Growth Are Shrinking 0818

As Water Temperatures Rise, Freshwater Jellyfish Found in British Canal 0818

Kelp Find Suggests Antarctica Not Isolated 0718

New Zealand Marine Heat Wave Brings Tropical Fish from 3,000 km Away 0518

Fish Species Forecast to Migrate 100s of Miles North, as U.S. Waters Warm 0518

How a Warming Climate Will Turn the Boundary Waters into a Barren Grassland 0418

As Climate Change Takes Hold by 2050, Bees Will Be the 1st to Fall 0418

In Iceland, Global Warming Is No Longer a Joke 0318

Beech Booming as Climate Changes.  That’s Bad for Forests. 0218

Impact of Warming Seas Felt by Northeastern Fisheries 0218

Arctic Sea Change 1017

Climate Change Is Disrupting the Birds and the Bees 0817

How Climate Change Could Be Making Polar Bears Healthier and More Dangerous 0617

Climate Emergency, as Fish Abandon Tropical Waters 0617

Thanks to Global Warming, Antarctica Is Beginning to Turn Green 0517

Drylands Will Suffer if World Reaches 2°C 0417

As Woody Shrubs Move North in a Warming Arctic, So Do Beavers 0417

Climate Change Impacting ‘Most’ Species on Earth, Down to Their Genomes 0417

Climate-Driven Species on the Move Are Changing (Almost) Everything 0417

Climate Change in the North Sea - Oysters In, Cod Out 0217

Warming Ocean Waters Off Alaska Bring Widespread Ecological Changes 0117

Climate Change Could Have Devastating Impact on Global Fisheries 1216

Terns Follow Record Warm Temperatures in ‘Shock' Migration to North of Alaska 0916

Melting Arctic Ice a Boon for Humpback, Minke Whales 0916

Soaring Ocean Temperature Is ‘Greatest Hidden Challenge of Our Generation' 0916

Arctic Fish Populations Changing as Ice Dwindles 0816

What Does Climate Change Mean for America’s $73 Billion Angling Industry? 0716

Australia's Vast Kelp Forests Devastated by Marine Heat Wave 0716

Fading Fishermen - a Historic Industry Faces a Warming World 0616 - Lobsters, cod, clams etc. move north, away from US

Climate Change Could Force Huge Migrations of People and Animals Living near the Equator 0616
    Suitable climates move outside the current tropics, which is 23° of latitude from the equator.  Long trips from equator.

How Fast Ocean Currents Will Help Plankton Survive Climate Change 0416

Global Warming Lets Moose Return to Alaskan Tundra for 1st Time since 1880 - 0416

There’s a Reason Some Birds Don’t Seem to Fly South for Winter Any More 0316

Climate Change Pushes Fish toward Poles, Threatening Food Source for Poor 0216

Climate Change Driving Species to the Earth's Poles Faster than Predicted 0216

Climate Change Is Leaving Native Plants Behind 0216

US Seafood Species Are Highly Vulnerable to Climate Change 0216

Dealing with Climate Change in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest 0116

Record High Arctic Temperatures in 2015 Having ‘Profound Effects' on Region 1215

Animals Are Showing Up in Really Strange Places.  Here’s Why. 1115

Climate Change Already Forcing World's Birds towards Poles 1115

Only 25% of Original Habitats Have Survived in East Himalayas - WWF 1015

Shell-Crushing Crabs Invade Antarctica, Abetted by Climate Change 0915

Changing Climate Could Even Oust the Oriole from Baltimore 0915

A Warmer North Pacific Is Staying Warmer, With Dramatic Impact on Marine Life 0915

Great Barrier Reef Species More at Risk from Climate Change 0815

Lobsters in New England Shift North as Ocean Gets Warmer 0815

Andes' Migrating Trees Are Moving towards Extinction 0815

Climate Vise is Squeezing Bumble Bees’ Range 0715

Climate Change Is Latest Threat for Struggling Bird Species – Red Knots 0615

Global Warming May Cause Largest Ocean Species Migration in 3 Million Years 0615

As Andes Warm, Deciphering the Future for Tropical Birds 0515

Massive Bird Invasions Linked to Climate Shifts 0515

Out of Plaice - Popular UK Fish at Risk from Rising Temperatures 0415

Hunters See Climate Changing Their Traditions 0415

Climate Change Could Be Good News for Gray Whales 0315

Sardines Swim Northern Waters to Keep Cool 0215

Climate May Have Flounder-Like Fluke on the Move 0215

Climate Change May Halve Giant Panda's Habitat by 2070 - 0115

Scientists Track Natural Responses to Climate Change 0115

Ocean Scientists Find Unusual Species Off California’s Coast 1214

Swedish Chardonnay, Anyone?  Warmer World Means More Nordic Wines 1114

Climate Change Could Shift Iconic Ohio Buckeyes’ Habitat to Michigan 1114

How New England Could Become Farmville Again 1114

Southern Birds May Be Moving into Your Winter Backyard 1014

Warmer Atlantic Widens Tropical Lionfish's East Coast Hunting Ground 0914

Lyme Disease Surges North, Canada Moves Out of Denial 0914

Lobsters Pack Up and Move North 0914

Gulf of Alaska Is Unusually Warm, and Weird Fish Are Showing Up 0914

Suburbs, Farms, Plus Global Warming Threaten Wild Animals and Plants 0814

Mangroves Already on the Move in Southwest Florida 0814

Kudzu That Ate the South Heads North, as Climate Changes 0714

Tropical Fish Cause Trouble as Climate Change Drives Them Toward the Poles 0714

In New Jersey Pines, Trouble Arrives on 6 Legs 1213

Army of Volunteers Compiles Evidence of Climate Change in Alaska 1113

Southern Flying Squirrels Land in Canada 1013

Mosquitoes Are Worse This Summer in Parts of US 0813

Climate Change Drives Spread of Crop Pests 0913

Climate Change Pushing Marine Life Toward Poles 0813

Swamp Rats on the Move as Winters Warm 0813

As Temperatures Rise, Pests and Invasive Plants Thrive 0813

English Trees on the March, as Climate Change Collapses Seasons 0713 

Climate Change - Disequilibrium to Become Norm in Future Plant Communities 0713  

As Oceans Warm, Fish Are Finding New ZIP Codes 0513  

Looking for Love as the Climate Warms - Hybrid Species 0213  

Minnesota Moose Population Plummets 0213 

Invasive Insects Changing Antarctic Landscape 1212

Panda Range to Shrink with Warming 1112 

Tropical Ocean Getting Too Hot for Phytoplankton 1012 

Climate Change Driving Australian Fish South 0812

Most Mammals Can't Move Range Fast Enough for Climate Change 0512  

Warming Outpaces Bird Migrations in Europe 0112  

Warming Oceans Cause Largest Movement of Marine Species in 2 Million Years 0611 

Climate Risks Greater for Long Migratory Birds 0910 

Warming Drives Massive Walrus Migration 0810 

Ecosystem Migration 1209

Arctic Report Card - NOAA 1213 - PDF
    Satellite-based % change in vegetation greenness at the peak of the growing season in the Arctic between 1982-2012.

     Deepest brown is 25% decrease, deepest green is 25% increase.

     "Greener Arctic tundra of the recent past is likely to be the new normal."

     Map by NOAA Climate.gov, based on AVHRR data provided by Uma Bhatt, University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  December 12, 2013.

To Flee the Heat, Animals Move North & Up 0811.  Range, current & projected, for 9-banded armadillo.

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