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It’s Mid-Winter, but It’s over 100° in South America 0823 - in Brazil and Chile (Vicuña and Chiguinto in central Chile).  Cuiabá, big city in SW Brazil, hit 107°F, and Rio hit 102.

Humans Approaching Limits of ‘Survivability’, as Heat Waves Engulf Parts of Asia 0623 - too hot & humid: in India, southeast Asia, Middle East, and Sahara

 2023-24 Articles

Dangerous Heat Wave Envelops 100s of Millions in East Asia 0524

Bangkok Suffers Near-Record Temperatures, as Thailand’s Heat Death Toll Rises 0424

Europe Is the Fastest-Warming Continent, Nearly Twice the Global Average 0424

Extreme Heat Shuts Philippine Power Plants and Risks Blackouts 0424

Extreme Heat Across East Asia and the Pacific Puts Millions of Children at Risk 0424

World Record Temperature Leap in Antarctica Raises Fears of Catastrophe 0424

Climate Change Worsened West African Heat Wave 0324

South Sudan Shutters All Schools to Prepares for Extreme Heat Wave 0324

Beijing Records Longest sub-0°C Cold Wave in Modern History 1223

India Had 3rd-Hottest October on Record 1123

South America Was Already Burnt by a Hot Winter. Now Comes Summer. 1023

Autumn Heat Continues in Europe after Record-Breaking September 1023

Scorching Heat Follows Brazil’s Record-Warm Winter, Spiking Energy Demand 0923

Scientists Found the Most Intense Heat Wave Ever Recorded — in Antarctica 0923

Pakistan Is the Epicenter of a Global Wave of Climate Health Threats 0923

Antarctica Warming Much Faster than Predicted Is Deeply Worrying for Sea Level 0923

Mid-Winter 41.8°C (107°F) in Cuiabá, Brazil 0823

Amid Record Heat, Even Indoor Factory Workers Enter Dangerous Terrain 0823

What Arctic Ice Tells Us about Climate Change 0823

Greece Fights Wild Fires as Heat Blankets Southern Europe 0823

‘Virtually Certain’ Extreme Antarctic Events Will Get Worse without Drastic Action 0823

Winter Vanishes in the Andes, as Climate Change Meets El Niño 0823

US and Europe Heat Waves ‘Virtually Impossible’ without Climate Change 0723

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It’s Scorching in Iran, and There’s Less and Less Water to Help 0723

Sizzling 115°F Heat Is Killing Phones in Italy's Sardinia Island 0723

Southern Europe Soars to Record Temperatures, as Heat Wave Peaks 0722

Italian Hospitals Report Sharp Rise in Emergency Cases, as Rome Hits 41.8°C (107°F) 0723

China’s New Heat Record Was 52.2°C (126°F) July 16, at Sanbao near Turpan 0723

Beijing Swelters under Record-Breaking Run of Extreme Heat 0723

Heat Index Reached 152°F at Persian Gulf, Near Limit for Human Survival 0723

9 Regions in France Placed under Warning for Intense Heat Thursday 0723

European Heat Wave Sees Sardinia at 46°C as Greece Burns 0723

European Heat Wave Sparks Multiple Warnings, Shuts Greece’s Acropolis 0723

Europe Swept by Blistering and Potentially Record-Breaking Temperatures 0723

Italy Swelters in Deadly ‘Cerberus’ Heat Wave 0723

Canada's Northwest Territories Records Its Hottest temperature 0723

Extreme Heat Is Already Straining the Mexican Power Grid 0623

A Record-Breaking Heat Wave Is Baking Northern China 0623

Extreme Heat Covers Areas from Texas to Mexico 0623

The Fastest-Warming Continent, Europe Has Already Heated by over 2°C 0623

Europe Keeps Breaking Heat Records as Fastest-Warming Continent 0623

China’s Fatal Heat Shows Risks of Another Scorching Asian Summer 0623

Climate Change Is Making India and Pakistan Heat More Intense 0523

Shanghai Breaks 147-Year-Old Record for May’s High Temperature 0523

Deadly Combo of Extreme Heat and Air Pollution Grips Parts of Southeast Asia 0523

Brutal Heat Continues to Grip Asia in Warning for the World 0523

Vietnam, Laos Suffer Record Hot Temperatures in Southeast Asia Heat Wave 0523

Spring Brings Record Heat to Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia 0523

Record Spring Heat in Mediterranean Almost Impossible without Climate Change 0523

Hottest Ever April Recorded in Spain, Portugal as Heat Wave Hit Europe 0523

Deadly Heat Threatens the Lives and Livelihoods of 1 Billion People in India 0423

Why Asia’s Early Heat Wave Is So Alarming 0423

Severe Heat Wave Engulfs Asia, Causing Deaths and Forcing Schools to Close 0423

Heat Is Surging in India, Risking Blackouts and Even Deaths 0423

Western Europe Heads into Warm May, Offering No Drought Relief 0423

France’s Hottest Year Was Also Very Dry, as Warming Angst Mounts 0123

Record Heat Waves Push India Closer to Limit of Human Survival 0323

India Forecasts Heat Waves after Hottest February since 1901 - 0223

Europe’s Temperatures in January Were 2.2°C above the 30-Year Average 0223

China’s Northernmost City Just Saw Its Coldest Day Ever 0123

Europe Set for Warmest January in Years, as Gas Crisis Eases 0123

Parts of Greenland Are Now Hotter than at Any Time in at Least 1,000 Years 0123

European Cities Break Temperature Records as Winter 2023 Begins Warm 0123

The Terrifying Truth - Britain’s a Hothouse, but One Day, 40°C Will Seem Cool 0722 - London (Heathrow) peaked at 40.2°C (104°5 F) on July 19, 2022, smashing Britain’s previous record.  A village several miles to the northeast hit 40.3°.

Extreme Heat to Persist in India for 3rd Straight Month 0422 - March was record hot, April was 2nd hottest on record.

2022 Articles - 58 more

UK, Germany, France on Pace for Their Hottest Year on Record 1222

Global Warming Has Been Twice as Fast in Europe as in the Rest of World 1122

Europe Is Seeing Its Warmest Weather on Record So Late in the Year 1022

Extreme Heat Could Make Parts of Asia, Africa Uninhabitable in Decades 1022

England’s Scorching Summer Ties 2018’s as Hottest on Record 0922

China’s Summer Heat Wave Is Breaking All Records 0922

China Reports ‘Most Severe’ Heat Wave and 3rd Driest Summer on Record 0922

Summer of ’22 Brought Record Heat, Solar Power to Europe 0922

The Middle East Is Warming Up Twice as Fast as the Rest of the World 0922

Climate Migrants Flee Iraq’s Parched Rural South, but Cities Offer No Refuge 0922

New Zealand Has Warmest Winter on Record for 3rd Straight Year 0922

Europe’s Record Heat Wave Will Be Summer Norm by 2035 - 0822

China's Unrivaled 70-Day Heat Wave 0822

Iraq Broils in Dangerous 120° Heat as Power Grid Shuts Down 0822

The Arctic Is Warming 4 Times as Fast as the Rest of the Planet 0822

China Seeds Clouds for Yangtze Basin, in Worst Heat Wave on Record 0822

By August, Tokyo Has Already Broken a Record for Annual Severe Heat Days 0822

England Records Driest July in 87 Years, amid Sizzling Heat Wave 0822

Climate Disasters in Latin America Threaten Global Food Security 0722

Hotter, Longer and More Widespread Heat Waves Scorch China 0722

Mideast Nations Wake Up to Damage from Climate Change 0722

Why This European Heat Wave Is So Scary 0722

The Northern Hemisphere Is Baking, as Fires Rip through Europe 0722

Scorching Heat Expected to Resume Baking China This Week 0722

London’s Scorching Tube Raises Alarm over Europe’s Brutal Heat 0722

Hot Records Outpace Cool by over 10-to-1 This Year in Europe, US 0722

Ireland Records its Highest Temperature in Over a Century 0722

Climate Change Intensifying, Not Triggering, Northern Canada’s Heat Wave 0722

A 117° Day in Portugal - Record-Breaking Heat Waves Hit Europe 0722

London Set to Bake in More 40° Days as Planet Warms 0722

Italy Hits Record June Temperatures as Another Heat Wave Sweeps Europe 0622

Extreme Heat Stretches Japan’s Power Grid to Near Its Limits 0622

China Hit by Floods and Heat Waves, in Climate Double Whammy 0622

Europe Heat Wave Creeping North Leaves Record Highs in Its Wake 0622

Europe Heat Wave Smashes Temperature Records in France 0622

Spain, Germany Battle Wildfires amid Unusual Heat Wave 0622

Historic Heat Wave Underway in Europe Will Intensify into the Weekend 0622

Heat Wave Spreads across Europe, as Summer Highs Come Early 0622

Hot Air Brings Spain Its 1st Withering Heat Wave of Year 0622

Deadly Indian Heat Wave Made 30 X More Likely by Climate Crisis 0522

Spain Confronts Extreme Temperatures from Early Summer Heat Wave 0522

Historic May Heat Shatters Records in Southern and Central Europe 0522

Climate Change Has Made India’s Relentless Heat 100 Times More Likely 0522

What It’s Like to Live Through India’s Non-stop Heat Wave 0522

Europe and US Set for Scorching, Dry Summer, Scientists Say 0522

As Record-Setting Heat Blasts Pakistan, a Glacial Lake Floods a Village 0522

India’s Heat Waves Are Testing the Limits of Human Survival 0522

Climate Change Turned Up India’s Heat.  But by How Much? 0522

Heat Wave Sparks Blackouts, Questions on India's Coal Usage 0522

Record Heat Has Gripped India since March.  It’s About to Get Worse. 0422

Record-Setting Cold Snap Hits Europe April 3-4, Stunning Spring Crops 0422

India’s Frequent Heat Waves a Reminder of Climate Change Impacts 0322

Middle East on Course for Huge Climate Change Losses - IMF 0322

40°C above Normal - What’s Causing Extraordinary Heating in Polar Regions? 0322

It’s 70°F above Normal in Vostok, East Antarctica.  Scientists Are Flabbergasted 0322

South America Sizzles in Record Summer Temperatures 0122

Australia Hits 123°F, Tying Southern Hemisphere’s Hottest Temperature Record 0122

2022 Was the Hottest Year Yet for the UK 1222

Temperature of 121°F Sets Canada’s New National Record High 0721 - Lytton B.C. shatters Canada's pre-2021 record by 8°F.  Local records across British Columbia were also shattered, by up to 12°F (Cache Creek), and 3-4 others by more than 10°F.  121°F is hotter than has ever been recorded in Las Vegas, Dallas or San Antonio.  It tied Death Valley that day for the hottest temperature in North Anerica.

116° Heat in Western Canada Shatters National Record 0621 - Lytton B.C.  Also record highs in Kamloops, Cache Creek, Lilloet, Kelowna, Victoria, Vancouver, Penticton, Vernon, Nelson, etc.  Most by several degrees.

2021 Articles - 22 more

Arctic Temperature Soared to an Unprecedented 100°F in 2020, Scientists Confirm 1221

Europe’s Hottest Summer on Record Would Have Been ‘Almost Impossible’ without Human-Induced Climate Change 1121

South Pole Posts Its Severest Cold Season on Record 1021

Climate Change Pushes New Zealand to Warmest Winter on Record 0921

Ireland Getting Warmer and Wetter 0821

Italy Registers Europe's Hottest day on Record as Anticyclone 'Lucifer' Sweeps In 0821

Chinese City, Zhengzhou, Hit by Deadly Floods Had Heat Waves Days Before 0721

Hotter and Drier - Deforestation and Wildfires Take a Toll on the Amazon 0721

China’s Heat Wave Is Pushing Coal Prices Toward Record Level 0721

North America Endured Hottest June on Record 0721 - #7 globally

Lapland Just Recorded Its Hottest Temperature in 100 Years 0721

New Zealand Experiences Hottest June on Record, despite Polar Blast 0721

Extreme Heat Shattered B.C. Temperature Records in June 0721

Lytton, B.C., Village at Center of Canada’s Heat Wave, Devastated by Wildfires 0721

 ‘Hard to Comprehend’ - Experts React to Record 121°F in Canada 0621

N.W.T., Yukon Break Summer Temperature Records as Heat Dome Lingers 0621

Heat Records Crumble in Europe and Russia, amid Scorching Heat Wave 0621

Record-Breaking Temperatures Recorded in Arctic Russia 0621

Record Heat Bakes Middle East as Temperatures Top 125°F 0621

Record Heat Scorches Western Russia, Central Canada, Ringing Climate Alarm 0521

Europe Smashes Monthly Temperature Records beneath Sprawling Heat Dome 0421

This Russian Arctic Coast Has Planet's Quickest Warming 0321

2020 Articles - 30

Australia's Record Spring Heat Is 1-in-500,000 without Climate Change 1220

Warning Bells Jingle for December Climate 1220

Sydney Records Hottest November Night on Record 1120

Temperatures in the Arctic Are Astonishingly Warmer than They Should Be 1120

Wildfires Tear through Drought-Racked Paraguay amid Record Heat 1020

Baghdad’s Record Heat Offers Glimpse of World’s Climate Change Future 0820

Drier than the Sahara - Heat Wave Fans Fire Risk for French Farmers 0820

Baghdad Soars to Blistering 125°F, Its Hottest Temperature on Record 0720

Record Heat Hits Svalbard’s Longyearbyen 0720

Siberia’s Heat Wave Triggered an Arctic Sea Ice Melt 0720

Rapid Arctic Meltdown in Siberia Alarms Scientists 0720

South Pole Warmed 3 x the Global Rate over the Past 30 Years 0620

Verkoyansk, Record Cold Siberian Town (-90°F in 1892) Hits +100°F 0620

Alarm at Record-Breaking Heat Wave in Siberia 0620

Winter 2019-20 Was by Far the Warmest Ever Recorded in Europe 0620

Parts of Siberia Are Hotter than Washington - Nearly 40° above Average 0520

Arctic Heat Wave Is Reigniting Siberian Tinderbox 0520

Red Alert for Northern Siberia as Heat Shocks Threaten Life on Tundra 0520

Because of Rising CO2, Trees Might Be Warming the Arctic 0520

Global Surface Air Temperature for March 2020 - 0420

Antarctica Experiences 1st Known Heat Wave 0320

Australian Summers Now a Month Longer - 'Twice as Long as Winters’ 0320

A Heat Wave in Antarctica Melted 20% of an Island's Snow in 9 Days 0220

Antarctic Temperature Soars to 70°F, Toppling the Record Set 5 Days Earlier 0220

Antarctica Logs Hottest Temperature on Record, at 18.3°C [65°F] 0220

Europe Just Posted Its Warmest January on Record 0220

Refrigeration Chemicals Helped Drive Arctic Warming 0120

Norway Records Warmest Ever January Day at 19°C 0120

Norwegian Tromsø’s Winter Nowadays Is 17 Days Shorter than 30 Years Ago 0120

U.K. Endures Record High Temperatures during 2010s - 0120

2019 Articles - 31

Moscow Resorts to Fake Snow in Warmest December since at Least 1886 - 1219

Tasmania Gets Hotter than Australia's Tropical North 1219

Winter Has Mysteriously Skipped Moscow in December 1219

Australia Suffers Hottest Day on Record & Worst Ever Spring Bushfire Danger 1219

More than 206 Australian Heat Records Broken in Just 90 Days This Year 1219

After the Warmest Ever Arctic Summer Could Come the Mildest Winter 1119

Arctic Islands 8° Warmer than Normal 1119

Record 2019 Heat Wave Linked to Climate Change Killed 1,500 People in France 0919

Why the Arctic Is Smoldering 0819

Paris, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Edinburgh Shatter All-Time Heat Records 0719

Europe Suffers Heat Wave of Dangerous, Record-High Temperatures 0719

Europe Heat Wave - French City of Bordeaux Hits Record Temperature 0719

Arctic Summer 2019 - Record Heat, Dramatic Ice Loss, Raging Wildfires 0719

'This Is Unprecedented' - Alert, Nunavut, Is Warmer than Victoria B.C. 0719

A Heat Wave Tests Europe’s Defenses.  Expect More. 0719

Welcome to the Fastest-Heating Place on Earth 0719

France Records All-Time Highest Temperature of 45.9°C (115°F) 0619

Mercury Climbs as Europe Braces for Summer Scorcher 0619

It’s 40° above Normal with Record June Melting in Arctic Ocean and Greenland 0619

As Cambodia Swelters, Climate-Change Suspicion Falls on Deforestation 0619

India Roasts under Heat Wave with Temperatures above 120° - 0619

Arctic Russia Hit 87° on May 11, as CO2 Was Highest in Human History 0519

Arctic Is Warmest It's Been in at Least 10,000 Years 0419

The Arctic ‘Locked-in’ for 3 to 5°C Temperature Rise, UN Report Warns 0319

Record Australian Heat Brings Fire to a Scorched Land 0319

January Was Officially Australia’s Hottest Month on Record 0219

It’s So Hot in Australia that Snakes Are Seeking Refuge in People’s Toilets 0119

Adelaide’s 46.6°C Breaks Its All-Time Heat Record, in Great Australia Heat Wave 0119

Warning Issued to Stay indoors as Australia's Heat Wave Hits Record Highs 0119

As Heat Sweeps over the Arctic, Moscow Seeks Way to Adapt 0119

Himalayas in Upper Reaches Are Warmer than Previously Thought 0119

Abnormal Cold in the United States Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming 1217 - record heat in Europe, north Asia

India Battles to Balance the Economy and the Environment 1117 - up to 48°C heat; much else about solutions

India's Rising Temperatures Are Already Deadly 0617 approaching Death Valley levels - in May

The Arctic Is Warm Again Because Of Course It Is 0317 - 2017 Arctic temperatures to average 5-7°F above normal.

Can Australia's Wicked Heat Wave Convince Climate Change Deniers? 0217 - Sydney suburbs hit 117°F.

Amid Melting Arctic ice, Kerry Sees Looming Climate Catastrophe 0616 - 77°F in Greenland’s capital last week

Old Man Winter Missing in Action 0216 - Alberta

December 2015 Was the Wettest Month Ever Recorded in UK 0116 - also hottest.  Full year was 2nd hottest, 6th wettest.

2016-2018 Articles - 78 more

Australia Heat Wave to Break Christmas Weather Records; Up to 47°C Forecast 1218

Arctic's 2nd-Warmest Year Leaves Wildlife, Communities Under Pressure 1218

This Place on Russia’s Arctic Coast Has Most Dramatic Climate Change 1018

Kiruna in Lapland Is Europe’s Fastest-Warming Place 0918

China Logs Hottest National Average Summer Temperature in 57 Years 0818

How Delhi's Rising Heat and a Love of Concrete Caused a Deadly Water Crisis 0818

Red Cross Warns of Food Crisis in North Korea, as Crops Fail in Heat 0818

Sydney's Bushfire Season Now Starts in Winter 0818

In Hot Water - How Summer Heat Has Hit Nordic Nuclear Plants 0818

'Unprecedented' Japan Heat Wave Kills 65 People in a Week 0718

Japanese Heat Wave Pushes Temperature to Record 0718

The Global Heat Wave Is about to Hit Your Wallet 0718

May and April 2018 Were the Hottest in Germany since Records Began in 1881 - 0618

Pakistan’s ‘Shocking' Spring Heat Drives Up Water Use, Health Risks 0518

A Pakistan City May Have Suffered the Hottest April Day Ever Observed on Earth 0518

Pakistan’s 114°F Is Just One of Many All-Time March Records Toppled in Asia 0418

Unusually High Temperatures In Arctic Rise In Frequency 0318

It Was Officially New Zealand's Hottest Summer on Record 0318

It Will Be Warmer at the North Pole Next Week than Much of Europe 0218

North Pole Surges above Freezing in the Dead of Winter, Stunning Scientists 0218

Arctic Soars 45°F above Normal, Flooded by Very Mild Air on All Sides 0218

Insurers Say Canadian Weather Getting Hotter, Wetter and Weirder 0118

Heat Wave Is Melting Asphalt in Southern Australia as Eastern US Freezes 0118

Warming of the Arctic Is Unprecedented over the Last 1,500 Years 1217

Arctic Data Shows No Pause in Global Warming 1117

Sumatran Region Heats Up as Forests Disappear 1017

Europe's Hot, Fiery Summer Linked to Global Warming 0917

Arctic Voyage Finds Global Warming Impact on Ice, Animals 0817

Europe Heat Wave Sparks Health Warnings, as Temperatures Soar 0817

Earth’s Most-Populated City, Shanghai, Just Recorded Its Hottest Day Ever 0717

Heat and Drought Feed Wildfires in Italy, Threaten Beaches near Rome 0717

Swathes of South China under Water, Heat Strikes North 0717

Global Warming Tipped Scales in Europe’s Heat Wave 0617

Scientists Rescue Samples of Melting Bolivian Glacier for Posterity 0617

London Mayor Issues Emergency Air Quality Alert, amid Heat Wave 0617

Global Warming Made Australia's Record Sizzling Summer 50 x More Likely 0317

Heat Waves Scorch the Arctic, Australia, Parts of U.S. 0217

It’s About 50°F Warmer than Normal near the North Pole, Yet Again 0217

Winter of Blazing Discontent Continues in the Arctic 0217

January Was Hottest Month on Record in Sydney and Brisbane 0117

Intense Heat Grips Eastern Australia 0117

Tibetan Tree Rings Trace Climate Change to 1870s - 0117

How Reindeer and Caribou Help Cool the Arctic 0117

Sydney Air Pollution Alert Issued, as Temperature Heads to 38°C - 0117

Record-Breaking Extreme Weather in Australia in 2016 Devastates Ecosystems 0117

Arctic Heat Wave Could Break Records 1216

North Pole to Warm to Near Melting Point This Week, 50°F above Normal 1216

The Arctic Just Had Its Hottest Year on Record, ‘by Far’ 1216

'The Arctic Is Unraveling,' Conclude Scientists after Latest Climate Report 1216

The North Pole Is an Insane 36°F Warmer than Normal, as Winter Descends 1116

Australia Has More Extreme Fire Weather, Hotter Days, as Climate Changes 1016

Indian Salt Producers Cope with 48°C Heat 0916

The Blob - How Marine Heat Waves Are Causing Unprecedented Climate Chaos 0816

Epic Middle East Heat Wave Could Be Global Warming’s Hellish Curtain-Raiser 0816

Kuwait Fries at 54°C (129.2°F), Record Hot for Eastern Hemisphere 0716

Tip of Antarctic Peninsula’s Temperatures Fell over Last 15 Years 0716

Deep-Blue Ponds and Streams Highlight Melting on Greenland Ice Sheet 0716

Radical Arctic Melt - ‘Extraordinary Years Have Become the Normal Years’ 0716

Greenland Was Hotter than New York City Last Week 0616

India Hits Record 123.8°F - 0516

Unusual Heat Bakes Sri Lanka's Chicken Industry 0516

Climate Change Leaves Kashmir’s Economy High and Dry 0516

Global Warming Cited as Wildfires Increase in Fragile Boreal Forest 0516

Fort McMurray Wildfire Forces 1/4 of Canada’s Oil Output Off-Line 0516

Deadly Heat Wave Is Shattering All-Time Records in Southeast Asia and India 0416

Heat Wave in Greenland Triggers Record Early Start to Ice Melt Season 0416

Australia’s Record Temperatures for March a Warning of What's to Come 0316

Record-Breaking Temperatures ‘Have Robbed the Arctic of Its Winter' 0316

Melbourne Records Its Hottest March Night since Records Began 0316

The Arctic Just Set an Ominous New Record 0316

Scientists Are Floored by What’s Happening in the Arctic Right Now 0216

Fossil Fuel Emissions behind Australia's Record-Breaking Spring Heat 0216

Yukon to Feel Impacts of Climate Change 0216

Europe's Shift to Dark Green Forests Stokes Global Warming 0216

Europe's Recent Summers Were the 'Warmest in at Least 2,000 Years' 0116

Why the Sahel Rains Failed – and Why They May Return 0116

Record Hot End to 2015 for Australia, as Giant El Niño Dominates 0116

'Perfect Storm' of El Niño and Warming Boosted Alberta Fires 0516
Western Canada temperatures up to 20°C > normal

In Canada's Far North, Warm Weather Threatens Vital Ice Roads 1215 - MacKenzie River Basin warmed 4.5°C in 68 years.

Mongolia in for Double Whammy - Drought Now, Freeze-Kill Next 0915 - Over 70 years, Mongolia heated 3 x average rate.

Saharan Heat Amped Up by Climate Change 0815 - Like the Arctic, it’s warming twice as fast as the globe.

2015 Articles and earlier - 49 more

Balmy Winter Hits French Ski Workers in Wallet 1215

Fire, Floods, Tornadoes - Fatal Weather Rounds out a Year of Extremes in 2015

Record High Arctic Temperatures in 2015 Having ‘Profound Effects' on Region 1215

Laos Counts Climate Change Costs - Record Floods, Drought and Landslides 1115

Bushfire Burns Out of Control, as Victoria Swelters in Record Early Spring Heat 1015

Australian Climate Turns Up Heat on Tennis Stars 0915

Heat Waves Are on the Rise in Algeria, Due to Climate Change 0815

Iran City Hits Suffocating Heat Index of 165°F, near World Record 0715

Freak High Temperatures Trigger Ice Melt, Flooding, Mudslides in Tajikistan 0715

Temperatures Soar as Heat Wave Sweeps across Europe 0715

Britain, Western Europe Endure Record Heat Wave 0715

CO2 Blamed for 'Climate Expulsion,’ Raising Temperatures across Pacific Nations 0615

Heat Wave in Pakistan's Sindh Province Leaves 120 Dead 0615

The Deadly Combination of Heat and Humidity 0615

The Climate Context for India’s Deadly Heat Wave 0615

The Heat and Death Toll Are Rising in India.  Is This a Glimpse of Earth’s Future? 0515

India Heat Wave Toll Passes 1,000 - 0515

Going with the Flow - Scientists Probe Changes in the East Australian Current 0515

Surprising Reason Why Arctic Warming Could Be Worse than We Thought 0415

Antarctica Peninsula Warmer Than Melbourne, Australia 0315

As Ice Turns to Slush, Experts Foresee End to Outdoor Hockey in Canada 0315

Tibet's Glaciers at Their Warmest in 2,000 Years 0814

Land of the Midnight Sun Warms Fastest in World 0115

Fast Finland Warming Means Blue Christmas for Santa 1214

Arctic Still Heating Up Twice as Fast as Rest of Planet 1214

Australia Sweats over Extreme Hot Weather 1114

Brisbane Turns on the Heat for G20 Summit, as Monthly Records Melt 1114

1st ‘Big Heat Event' Melts Australian Temperature Records 1014

UK Winter Wettest on Record - Met Office 0214

Heat Wave Halts Australian Open Tennis Matches 0114

In Australia, 2013 Was a Scorcher for the Record Books 0114

Australia Records Its Warmest Spring 1213

Australia to Face Stronger El Niño Weather Patterns from Global Warming 1113

Arctic Warming Unprecedented in Last 44,000 Years 1013

Absolutely a Link Between Climate Change and Australian Wildfires 1013

China Tries Hi-Tech Rain Dance as It Roasts in Heat Wave 0813

China's Soaring Temperatures Prompts Grade 2 Alert 0713

Human Activity Linked to Hottest Australian Summer on Record 0613

Korea Energy Effort Hit by Heat Wave 0613

Pakistan Wilts Under Record Heat Wave 0613

China’s Rising Temperatures Linked to Carbon Emissions 0413

Top Scientists Agree Australia’s Climate Has Changed Permanently 0413

Australian Summer Is its Hottest On Record 0313

Australia Warmest in 1,000+ Years 0512

Melting Arctic Link to Cold Europe Winters 0212

Pakistan Reels Under Record Heat of 129°F in Mohenjo-Daro 0610

Arctic Warmest in 2,000+ Years 0909

Antarctica Is Warming 0109

Huge Blob of Warm Pacific Water Threatens US West Coast Ecosystems, May Intensify Drought 0415
    The excess heat in the blob off California (1,000 miles across and 100 yards deep, 5.5°C warmer than normal) contains as much excess heat energy as the US uses for 50 years.  Its heat dwarfs human energy use.
    The 2 similar blobs farther north can be associated with record warmth in Alaska (and east Siberia).  Their excess heat ALSO exceeds yearly human energy use.

Section Map: Heat