Cap & Trade

Cap & Trade (except Offsets)

China Plans Biggest Changes Yet to Lift Carbon Market Impact 0424

     For Chinese yuan to US $, divide by 7.1.  Scale is US $6.90 to $13.20 per tonne of CO2.

China’s Weak Carbon Market Hits a New Roadblock -- Data Fraud 0422

China's Carbon Market May Get Stricter Under a New Proposal 0122 - $9 to 10.25 / ton of CO2

Gov. Youngkin Aims to Remove Virginia from Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative 0122

Europe’s CO2 Price Has Almost Tripled in 2021 - 1221 - €80 / ton

Energy Crunch Drives Carbon Prices to Record as Europe Burns Coal 1121 - €71.21 per metric ton

Carbon Pricing, if Missing the 100% Dividend, Will Boost Inequality 1121

The E.U. Is Getting Serious about Climate.  Can the U.S. Follow Suit? 0721 - E.U. plans to raise the price to at least $71 per ton of CO2.

China to Quickly Expand Top Carbon Market to Add More Polluters 0721

Nuts, Bolts & Pitfalls of Carbon Pricing - Equity-Based Primer on Paying to Pollute 0721 - for NAACP

Washington State Finally Passes a Cap on Carbon Emissions 0421

EU Price on CO2 Pollution Hits Record High in Early 2021 - 0121

Why China’s New Carbon Market Is No Quick Climate Fix 0121

China to Delay National Carbon Market Debut to 2021 - 1120

FERC Takes ‘Landmark Action' on Carbon Pricing 1020

World's Largest Carbon Market Faces Revamp under Draft EU Plan 0920 - target for cut by 2030 (from 1990) raised from 40% to 55%.  Cap to drop faster than old 2.2% a year.  Power plants and factories already covered.  Add flights within Europe.

Trump Can’t Weaken California’s Carbon Market, Federal Judge Rules 0720

China Power Giants Prepare for World’s Biggest Carbon Market 0620

Merkel Cabinet Seals Plan to Widen CO2 Price to Heating, Roads 0520

Northeast States Take 1st Step in Effort to Reduce Transportation Emissions 1019

Pennsylvania Is Joining a Multi-State Effort to Price Carbon Emissions 1019

Quebec Adds $215 Million to Coffers from Carbon Market Envied by Europe 0219

How Ontario's Proposed Carbon Price Is Not a Carbon Tax (Probably, Maybe) 0219

After Topping EU Commodity Gains in 2018, Carbon Prices Set to Surge Again 1218

State Cap-and-Trade Systems Offer Evidence that Carbon Pricing Can Work 1118

EU Carbon Price Triples, Finally Puts Pressure on Coal 0818

Massachusetts Senate Votes to Put a Price on Carbon, with National Grid Support 0618 - It goes to House now.  It punts choice of tax or cap & trade to Governor.  Tool to meet -40% (1990 base) by 2030 and 80% by 2050.  Starts for transport, business, and residential in consecutive years.  State’s largest utility strongly supports it, plans electrification of transport and home heating (heat pumps), continued decarbonization of electricity, etc.
    Later: Provision did not make it out of conference committee.

Checking the Math on California’s Cap and Trade - Is It Adding Up? 0518

Will China's Participation Invigorate Cap-and-Trade Schemes Elsewhere? 0518

Europe's $38 Billion Carbon Market Is Finally Doing Its Job 0318

Guide to the World’s Largest Carbon Market that Just Launched in China 1217

Gov. Jerry Brown and EU Leaders Agree to Work to Combat Climate Change 1117

California Pollution Permits Sell at Highest Price Ever 0817

Xi Jinping Is Set for a Big Gamble With China’s Carbon Trading Market 0617

How Countries Cut Carbon by Putting a Price on It 0417

Ontario's 1st Cap-and-Trade Auction Sells Out Current Allowances 0417

Ethiopia Plans Carbon Trading, as It Gears Up to Be Carbon Neutral by 2025 - 0317

Reform of EU Carbon Trading Scheme Agreed 0217

Cap & Trade to Cost Ontario $8 Billion in 1st Years, with Minimal CO2 Reductions 1116

RGGI Carbon Auction Prices Fall 40% on Clean Power Plan Uncertainty 0716

Tough to Keep the World From Warming When Carbon Is This Cheap 0716

California Ponders Expanding Cap and Trade to Brazil 0516

China Aims to Boost Renewable Energy with 'Green Certificates' 0316

Washington Puts Gov. Inslee's Carbon Rules on Hold 0216

Obama's Climate Change Rule Stays Alive in Courts, for Now 0116

In the Heart of Coal Country, Calls for Carbon Trading 0116

Rice Growers on the Front Lines of U.S. Carbon Markets 0116

Carbon Trading Finds a Foothold in at Least 20 States 0116

Drivers May Pay for Next Step in Fight against Climate Change 0116

For Big Business Seeking CO2 Emissions Price, a Ray of Hope from Paris 1215

Governments to Raise $22 Billion from Carbon Pricing in 2015 - 1015

Climate Change Deal Will Not Include Global Carbon Price 1015

ITF Calls for Global Rules for Ship Operators to Cut Emissions 1015

With Market on Their Side, Electric Utilities Skip Fight Against Carbon Rule 1015

What Can China Achieve with Cap and Trade? 0915

Will China's Carbon-Trading Plan Help Curb Climate Change? 0915

China to Launch National Cap-and-Trade Plan in 2017 - 0915

$2.2 Billion from CA Cap & Trade Begins Flowing, to Rail, Housing, Clean Cars, etc. 0815

Obama Just Created a Carbon Cap-and-Trade Program 0815

Carbon Caps Help Northeast Economy 0715

China's Guangdong to Allocate 408 Million CO2 Permits This Year 0715

China Prepares to Launch National Carbon Market to Fight Climate Change 0515

EU Diplomats Approve Proposal to Start CO2 Market Reform in 2019 - 0515

Ontario Sees Carbon Caps System as Best Way to Cut Emissions 0415

EU Carbon Permit Prices Rise, as Nations Agree to Seek 2021 Start to Fix 0315

European Carbon Market Reform Set for 2019 - 0215

As China Readies National Carbon Trading Program Launch, Questions Multiply 0215

California Manufacturers to Pay More Under Toughest Carbon Curbs 0215

EU Politicians Seek to Revive Sluggish Carbon Market 0115

Warm Weather Sinking EU Emissions-Market Plans 0115

California Motorists to Begin Shouldering Costs of Carbon Auction 1114

Carbon Trading Edges Closer, as UN Brokers Deal 1014

Gaming Carbon Market Must End to Solve Global Warming 1014

Other Nations to Link to China’s Planned Carbon Market 0914

China Suggests Coal Use Cap and Import Curbs in Draft Air Pollution Law 0914

China Seeks Pollution Cut With National Carbon Market 0914

After US Pledges Cuts, China Announces Plans to Cap Carbon Emissions in 2016 - 0614

China's Ambitious Cap-and-Trade Plan Rolls Down a Long, Bumpy Runway 0514

April Brings Californians Electricity 'Climate Credit’ 0314

Australia’s Pollution Plan Starts to Look Like Trading 1213

Beijing Carbon Trading Starts as China Acts on Climate 1113

EU Carbon Price Declines as Poland’s Auction Debut Set to Boost Supply 0913

China Starts Testing Cap-and-Trade 0613

California's 2nd Carbon Auction Price Up 0213

California Starts Cap & Trade 1112 

Cap & Trade Failure Helped Cut US Emissions 1012 

Chinese Official Says Carbon Caps Are Real Possibility 0811 

Climate Bill Would Save US $19 Billion - CBO 0710 

Senate Climate Bill Has No Major Surprises 0510 

Kerry-Graham-Lieberman Cap & Trade Bill Framework 1209 - PDF - 5 page letter from the 3 Senators

US Senate Climate Bill Hearings 1009 

How Climate Bill Can Get 60 Votes in the US Senate 0709

Waxman-Markey Climate Bill Passes House 0709

Summary of Waxman-Markey Bill 0709 

House Draft Climate Change Bill 0409 

Obama on Carbon Cap 0309

USCAP Blueprint for GHG Law 0109 

Chances Dim for GHG Law 0508

Europe’s recent ETS prices, in euros (€) for CO2 permits.

Cap was cut in 2021.  Russia cut back deliveries in early 2022

Carbon Trading in China - Short-Term Experience, Long-Term Wisdom 0414

The China carbon trading graph below is by Lucas Bifera of Center for Energy and Climate Solutions, April 9, 2014.

European Union [EU] Market Carbon Emissions Fell 0413

A price graph, in €/Tonne of CO2, not of carbon.  Note that prices depend heavily on how high (in tons) the cap is set.  With a flat cap and declining emissions, allowance prices fall, even plunge.

Discussion Draft Kerry-Boxer Climate Bill 1009 - PDF, 801 pp

     Note that actual US fossil-fuel emissions have fallen 20% since 2007, approximating the orange line.

Offsets for Cap & Trade

Section Map: Government & Carbon Pricing