2022-2024 Articles

European Court Rules Switzerland Climate Inaction Violated Human Rights 0424

Climate Migration Concerns Surpass Fears of Russian Aggression in Europe 0224

Climate Shocks Could Trigger Unrest and Authoritarian Backlash 0124

EU Set to Support Ambitious Target of 90% Emissions Cut by 2040 - 0124

Climate Shocks Could Trigger Unrest and Authoritarian Backlash 0124

EU Risks Escalating Spat with Farmers, Business over 90% Cuts by 2040 - 0224

More Heat Pumps Cause Demand Peak Switch to Winter, for Grid Problems 0124

EU Plans Big Scale Up of Carbon Removals to Reach Climate Neutrality 0124

EU Sees Electricity Production Doubling by 2050 to Reach Net Zero 0124

7 European Countries Pledge CO2-Free Power Systems by 2035 - 1223

EU Calls for ‘Tangible Phase-Out of Fossil Fuels as Soon as Possible’ 1123

Europe’s War on Carbon Goes Global as Border Tax Comes Into Play 1023

New E.U. Law Requires 70% of Aviation Fuel to Be Sustainable by 2050 - 0923

EU Looks into Blocking Out the Sun, as Climate Efforts Falter 0623

Swiss Voters Approve Climate Law to Cut Greenhouse Gases, as Glaciers Melt 0623

Germany to Walk Back Charging Goal as More People Plug EVs in at Home 0623

France Bans Short-Haul Flights, as It Looks to Cut Transport Emissions 0523

European Law Might Get Companies around the World to Cut Climate Pollution 0523 - border adjustment, for industrial goods subject to little or no carbon price at home.

Germany Sets the New Standard for Cheap, National Mass Transit 0423

Germany Quits Nuclear Power, Ending a Decades-Long Struggle 0423

EU Approves 2035 Ban on Sales of Gasoline-Powered Cars 0323

EU’s Green Plan Will Force Oil Majors to Store CO2 Underground 0323

EU Lawmakers Back Deal to Ban New Combustion-Engine Cars by 2035 - 0223

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Italy Gets Cold Feet over EU Greener Buildings Plan 0223

Europe’s Plan to Become the 1st Climate-Neutral Continent 0123

EU Gets Landmark Deal to Strengthen and Expand Carbon Market 1222

World’s 1st Carbon Border Tax Lands in Europe 1222

EU Passes Law to Make Electric Car Batteries Cleaner 1222

EU’s New Climate Change Plan Will Cause Biodiversity Loss, Deforestation 1222

France Mandates Solar Panels on Most Parking Lots; Great Marriage with EVs 1122

Time to Stop Counting Forest Biomass as ‘Renewable Energy’ 1122

E.U. Plans for Only Electric New Vehicles by 2035 Are ‘without Precedent’ 1022

EU Targets ‘Zero Pollution’ by 2050 to Curb Premature Deaths 1022

Germany Extends Lifetime of Remaining Nuclear Plants 1022

Greta Thunberg - Germany Making ‘Mistake' by Ditching Nuclear Power for Coal 1022

EU Set to Pave Way for €565 Billion Overhaul of Electricity Grid 0922

European Union Signals a Move Away from Wood Energy 0922

Denmark Is 1st UN Member to Pay for ‘Loss and Damage’ from Climate Change 0922

Europe Plans 20 Floating Gas Terminals by Year-End, Raising Climate Fears 0822

How Germany Is Scrambling to Save Energy 0822

Spain Air Conditioning Crackdown Set to Take Effect 0822

Germany Gets Solar Boost amid Energy Crisis 0822

Londoners Urged Not to Travel, as Heat Wave Engulfs Europe 0722

Italy Declares State of Emergency on Impact from Drought 0722

Europe Calls Gas and Nuclear Energy ‘Green’ 0722

Putin’s War Threatens Europe’s Ambitious Climate Goals 0722

To Save Energy, Stop Wearing Neckties, Spanish Premier Sanchez Says 0722

Ireland Lays Path to Cut Emissions in Half by 2030 - 0722

Italy Declares State of Emergency on Impact from Drought 0722

EU Lawmakers Support Banning Gasoline Car Sales by 2035 - 0622

Finland Targets Net Zero by 2035 - 0522

Why Germany Is Offering a Summer of Cheap Trains 0522 - Cut use of Russian oil and gas.

Germany Presents New Ukraine-Accelerated Renewables Plan 0422

EU Targets Man-Made Greenhouse Gases in Climate Neutrality Push 0422

U.K. Bets Big on Nuclear, Wind in Energy Security Strategy 0422

U.K. Targets 10-Fold Increase in Electric Vehicle Charge Points 0322

E.U. to Unveil Strategy to Break Free from Russian Gas 0222

Germany Responds to Russia, by Halting Nord Stream 2 Pipeline 0222

Slovenia Pledges to Stop Burning Coal for Electricity by 2033 - 0122

Denmark Wants to Drop Fossil Fuels in Domestic Flights in 2030 - 0122

2017-2021 Articles

Europe Unveils Gas Market Proposals Key to Low-Carbon Future 1221

Germany Approves Billions for Climate, Modernization Fund 1221

Germany’s New Coalition Promises Climate Revolution & CO2 Floor Price 1121

Europe’s CO2 Price Has Almost Tripled in 2021 - 1221 - €80 / ton

Portugal Becomes 4th EU Country to Stop Using Coal to Make Electricity 1121

Iceland’s Cabinet Raises Climate Goal as Glaciers Melt 1121

Germany’s New Government to Channel $67 Billion to Climate Fund 1121

CoP26 Deal Sounds Death Knell for Coal Power – British PM 1121

Greece Brings In Climate Law, Banning Fossil-Fuel Cars From 2030 - 1121

France to Invest in Small Nuclear Reactors and Green Energy Projects 1021

Austria Announces Carbon Tax, Offset by Reduction in Other Taxes 1021

Denmark Agrees to Binding 2030 Climate Target for Agriculture 1021

London Brings Forward Plan to Electrify City’s Bus Fleet 0921

France Passes Climate Law, but Critics Say It Falls Short 0721 - A few of the measures: domestic flights for journeys that can be made by train in less than 2.5 hours are banned, unless they connect to an international flight.  Subsidies for drivers who trade in a polluting car for a cleaner one have been extended to electric bicycle purchases.

The E.U. Is Getting Serious about Climate.  Can the U.S. Follow Suit? 0721 - E.U. plans to raise the price to at least $71 per ton of CO2.

EU Deal Forces Investors to Shift Gears on Climate Threat 0721

EU Unveils Ambitious Climate Package, as It Cools on Fossil Fuels 0721

UK’s Target to End to Coal Power Is Now 2024, a Year Sooner 0621

Court Orders Shell to Slash CO2 Emissions in Landmark Climate Ruling 0521

German Climate Goals Need ‘Massive’ Cut in Industry CO2 by 2030 - 0521

‘Historic’ German Ruling Says Climate Goals Not Tough Enough 0421

Poland Clinches ‘Historic’ Deal to Phase Out Coal by 2049 - 0421

Danish Leader Speaks of Ambitious Offshore Wind ‘Energy Island’ Plans 0421

UK to Cut CO2 Emissions 78% by 2035, from 1990 Levels 0421

EU Reaches Major Climate Deal Ahead of Biden Climate Summit 0421

US Wants the EU to Delay Imposing Trade Penalties on Carbon-Intensive Imports, but Is Considering Imposing Its Own 0321

French MPs Approve Bill Enshrining Climate Change Protection in Constitution 0321

Court Faults France Over ‘Ecological Damage’ From Its Emissions Levels 0221

EU Hopes for a Climate Partnership with China 0221

U.K. to Halt Subsidies for Fossil Fuel Projects Abroad 1220

Germany Seeks to Curb Global Emissions of N2O, a Climate Super-Pollutant 1220

EU Leaders Agree to Reduce Emissions, after All-Night Talks 1220

EU Drafts Deal to Upgrade 2030 Climate Change Target Next Month 1120

EU Plans to Increase Offshore Wind Farm Capacity by 250% - 1120

EU Eyes Tax as Tool in Climate Change Fight 1120

Boris Johnson Lays Out U.K. Plan for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ 1120

EU Says Fossil Fuel Subsidies Undermine Its Climate Ambitions 1020

Does the EU’s Methane Strategy Go Far Enough? 1020

Oslo Is What a Zero-Emissions City Looks Like 0920

Europe Poised to Ramp Up Emission Cuts with Ambitious Target 0820

Boris Johnson Poised to Stop UK Funding Overseas Fossil Fuel Projects 0820

Electric Car Subsidies Make Renaults Free in Germany 0720

‘Green Tsunami’ Washes Over France’s City Halls 0720

Denmark to Introduce Green Taxes on Carbon Emissions 0620

U.K. Announces ‘Jet Zero’ Plan to Drive Down Aviation Emissions 0620

Germany Just Unveiled the World’s Greenest Stimulus Plan 0620

Merkel Cabinet Seals Plan to Widen CO2 Price to Heating, Roads 0520

Greener Farms and Healthier Food Key to EU’s Climate Plan 0520

Spain Aims to Pass Green Law, Boost Clean Energy on Grid to 70% - 0520

Oil Slump Spurs Talk of Ending EU Subsidies for Polluting Fuels 0420

EU Draft Climate Law Sparks Political Battles 0320 - Net-zero by 2050.  Arguments over details

Is Scotland Leading the Way on Climate Change? 0220

UK Petrol and Diesel Car Sales Ban Brought Forward to 2035 - 0220

EU’s $1 Trillion Plan to Make Whole Continent Carbon Neutral 0120

Spain Declares Climate Emergency, Gets Climate Plan Ready 0120

Holland Must Cut CO2 to Protect Citizens from Climate Change – Supreme Court 1219

Europe Threatens U.S. with Carbon Tariffs to Combat Climate Change 1219

EU Unveils 'Green Deal' Plan to Get Europe Carbon Neutral by 2050 - 1219

EU Declares a Climate Emergency 1119

Germany Passes Climate-Protection Law to Ensure 2030 Goals 1119

Germany’s Merkel Wants 1 Million Electric Car Charge Points by 2030 - 1119

Labour Party Pledges to Ban Sale of Non-Electric Cars by 2030 - 1019

Scotland Enacts ‘Toughest Climate Change Laws in the World' 0919

Germany Unveils Plan for Climate-Friendly Aviation 0819

How Copenhagen Plans to Reach Carbon-Neutral Status in Just 6 Years 0819

New EU Chief Makes Bold Climate Pledges 0719

UK’s Goal of Net-Zero Carbon by 2050 Becomes Law 0619

Denmark’s New Prime Minister Vows to Tackle Climate Change 0619

East European States Block Bid for EU 2050 Decarbonization Target 0619

Theresa May Will Commit to Ending UK’s GHG Emissions by 2050, No Caveats 0619

Europe’s Triumphant Greens Demand More Radical Climate Action 0519

'Green Wave' in EU Vote amid Climate Crisis 0519

Ireland Declares Climate Emergency 0519

Amsterdam to Ban Petro-Powered Cars from 2030 Onward - 0519

UK Parliament Declares ‘Climate Emergency' 0519

Copenhagen Wants to Show How Cities Can Fight Climate Change 0319

UK’s Fracking Plan ‘Will Release Same CO2 as 300 Million New Cars’ 0319

Dutch to Close Amsterdam Coal-Fired Power Plant 4 Years Early 0319

EU Being Sued to Stop Burning Trees for Energy; It’s Not Carbon Neutral 0319

EU Forges Deal on Coal Phase-out, with Special Polish Clause 1218

EU Agrees on Deal to Cut CO2 Emissions from Cars 1218

Court Tells EU Commission It Can’t Let Cars Spew More Greenhouse Gases 1218

Dutch Appeals Court Upholds Landmark Climate Change Ruling 1018

European Parliament Wants 40% CO2 Emissions Cut for New Cars by 2030 - 1018

Inside Oslo’s Plan to Go Carbon Neutral by 2030 - 0918

Europe Mulls Stripping Carbon from the Skies 0818

Hottest Summer Bumps Up Climate Fight in Swedish Election 0818

Ireland Moves to Divest From Fossil Fuels 0718

Dutch Parliament to Set Target of 95% CO2 Reduction by 2050 - 0618

EU Raises Renewable Energy Targets to 32% by 2030 - 0618

Germany to Miss 2020 Climate Target, Government Concedes in Official Report 0618

Scotland Draft Climate Change Bill Targets 90% by 2050 Emission Reduction 0518

EU Targets 30% Cut in Truck CO2 Emissions by 2030 - 0518

Climate-Linked Spending Set to Rise to 1/4 of EU Budget 0418

France to Commit €700 Million to International Solar Alliance 0318

EU Sees Higher Climate Target Possible, as Cost of Renewables Falls 0318

Environmental Activists Are Suing Governments over Climate Change and Winning 0218

France Is Officially Shutting All Coal-Fired Power Plants in 3 Years 0118

France Sets Out 10-Point Plan to Double Wind Power Capacity by 2023 - 0118

Germany Set to Miss 2020 Climate Target 0118

EU Lawmakers Reach Deal on Climate Targets for 2030 - 1217

France Passes Law to Ban All Oil and Gas Production by 2040 - 1217

EU Announces €9 Billion in Funding for Climate Action 1217

German Greens Reveal Coal Phase-out Red Line for Joining Government 1117

EU Strikes Deal on Carbon Market Reform for 2020-2030 - 1117

Europe Calls for Cutting Car Emissions by 1/3.  Not Enough, Critics Say. 1117

EU Ministers Agree on National Climate Goals, Ahead of U.N. Talks 1017

Paris Plans to Banish All but Electric Cars by 2030 - 1017

EU Plans Carbon Credits, Not Quotas, for Electric Vehicles 1017

Ocean Pollution - Prince Charles Warns We Are 'Testing the World to Destruction', but We Must Act NOW 1017

Paris Experiments with Car-Free Day across the City 1017

European Countries Spend Billions a Year on Fossil Fuel Subsidies 0917

Scotland Sets 2032 Ban on New Diesel and Petrol Cars, Funds Carbon Capture 0917

Britain Bans Gasoline and Diesel Cars, Starting in 2040 - 0717

Feeling That Trump Will ‘Say Anything,’ Europe Is Less Restrained, Too 0717

France to Ban Sales of Petrol and Diesel Cars by 2040 - 0717

The Harder the Brexit, the Worse the Climate Impact, Study Warns 0717

Sweden Passes Ambitious Climate Law to Be Carbon Neutral by 2045 - 0617

Oil Producer Norway Bans Use of Heating Oil in Buildings 0617

France Vows to Go beyond Paris Climate Commitments 0617

Norway Adopting Electric Vehicles Faster Than Anywhere Else 0517

NATO Countries Worry Trump Will Undo Climate Progress, Drafts Show 0517

Swiss Voters Embrace Shift to Renewable Energy 0517

Oslo, London, Amsterdam Lead Push for Greener Transport 0417

Energy Efficiency Becomes Breakthrough Issue in French Election 0417

Battling Old Habits, Mayor of Warsaw Launches Climate Revolution 0417

EU Energy Companies Pledge No New Coal Plants after 2020 - 0417

Reform of EU Carbon Trading Scheme Agreed 0217

EU’s Renewable Energy Policy Is Making Global Warming Worse 0217

How EU Can Limit Coal’s Life for the Cost of a Pint of Beer 0217

MEPs Approve Overhaul of EU Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme 0217

2016 Articles and earlier

EU Energy Use to Fall 30%, under New Efficiency Plans for 2030 - 1116

EU Requires Pension Funds to Assess Climate Change Risks 1116

New Climate Leader Germany Outlines Path to Carbon-Neutral Economy by 2050 - 1116

Prince Charles Joins Clean Soil Project to Combat Climate Change 1016

Germany Wants to Ban Fossil-Fuel-Powered Cars 1016

Plans for an Electric Car Charging Point in Every New Home in Europe 1016

Germany Takes Steps to Roll Back Renewable Energy Revolution 1016

Sarkozy Sparks Storm, Sayings Man 'Not Sole Cause' of Climate Change 0916 - Climate has changed for millions of years.

Reykjavik Unveils Plan to Limit Urban Sprawl, Become Carbon Neutral by 2040 - 0916

The Netherlands Could Be the 1st Country to Ban Gas, Diesel Vehicles 0816

UK Votes to Leave EU, Fears Grow for Climate Ambition 0616

Oslo Votes to Slash Emissions 95% by 2030 - 0616

Scotland Exceeds Emission Cut Targets – 6 Years Early 0616

Sweden, in Turnaround, Agrees to Continue Nuclear Power 0616

Norway Becomes 1st Nation to Ban Deforestation.  How Will That Work? 0616

Norway Brings Carbon Neutrality Goal Forward to 2030 - 0616

Norway to Ban All Sales of Petrol Powered Cars by 2025 - 0616

France Leads by Example with Carbon Price Floor 0516

Germany to Exit Coal Power ‘Well before 2050' - 0516

France to Set Unilateral Floor Price for Carbon Emissions 0416

Netherlands Looks to Ban All Non-Electric Cars by 2025 - 0416

Dutch Lawmakers Call for Halt to Wood Energy Subsidies 0216

Polish Government Chokes on Coal 1215

British Court Rejects Donald Trump’s Attempt to Block Wind Farm 1215

Missing Climate Goals, Dutch Mull Closing Coal Plants 1115

Britain’s Prince Charles Links Syria War to Climate Change 1115

Most of Britain's Major Cities Pledge to Run on Green Energy by 2050 - 1115

UK Is Harking Back to the Energy System of the Last Century 1115

UK's Coal Plants 'to Be Phased Out within 10 Years' 1115

European Parliament Members Back CH4, NH3 Limits 1015

EU Climate Chief Hails Global Progress on Emissions 1015

U.K. Said to Consider Closing All Coal-Fired Plants by 2023 - 1015

Join the 4‰ Initiative Soils for Food Security and Climate 0915

Party Leaders in Scotland Make Climate Change Pledge, CO2 Down 42% by 2020 - 0815

Slashing Household Solar Subsides Will Kill Off UK Industry 0815

EU Politicians Back 2019 Carbon Market Reform Start 0715

Court Orders Dutch Government to Cut Carbon Emissions Steeper 0615

Sinful Coal a Problem for the Religious Pole 0615

How Europe’s Climate Policies Have Led to More Trees Being Cut Down in the US 0615

Rudd's ‘Green Light' as Climate Secretary 0515

Tory Victory a Huge Blow to UK Green Energy Industry, Campaigners Warn 0515

EU Diplomats Approve Proposal to Start CO2 Market Reform in 2019 - 0515

EU Carbon Permit Prices Rise, as Nations Agree to Seek 2021 Start to Fix 0315

London Mayor Told to Divest £4.8 Billion Pension Fund from Fossil Fuels 0315

Europe Submits UN Climate Pledge, Urges US, China to Follow 0315

European Carbon Market Reform Set for 2019 - 0215

EU Policy Mash Roils Markets Before Paris Climate Deal 0215

3 UK Party Leaders Sign Joint Climate Pledge 0215

EU Policy-Makers Seek to Make Electric Transport a 'Priority' 0215

EU Politicians Seek to Revive Sluggish Carbon Market 0115

Warm Weather Sinking EU Emissions-Market Plans 0115

Germany's Planned CO2 Cuts to Dampen EU Demand for Certificates 1214

E.U. Greenhouse Gas Deal Falls Short of Expectations 1014

EU Leaders Agree on CO2 Emissions Cut 1014

Europe Emission Targets ‘Will Fail to Protect Climate’ 1014

Eastern Europe Attacks Planned EU Emissions Curbs 1014

Coal Trains Stopped in UK and Poland Protests 0914

Green Village to Be Bulldozed to Mine Lignite, as Germany Goes Non-Nuclear 0914

Dirtiest Fuel Threatens 700-Year-Old Villages in Europe 0814

Britain Joins US in Ending Coal Power Support Overseas 1113

EU Carbon Price Rallies on Permit Supply Cutback 0913

EU Move to Fix Carbon Market Praised 0713

EU Committee Backs Ban on Potent Coolant GHGs 0613

Failure to Reform Europe’s Carbon Market to Echo Round the World 0413

Europe's Carbon Market Limps On 0213

Mankind Must Go Green or Die, Prince Charles 1112

Prince Charles Warns - Act Before It's Too Late 0612

EU Targets CO2 in Farms and Forests 0312

Russia's Putin Sees Climate Change in Record Heat Wave 0810

EU to Make Renewables Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels 0610

Panel Clears Jones in Climategate 0310

French Carbon Tax Struck Down 1209

British Prime Minister Warns of Climate Catastrophe 1009

France Set to Impose Carbon Tax 0909

British Mandate 80% Cuts by 2050 1108

EU Import Carbon Tax Comes and Goes 1007

Merkel’s Green Shift Backfires, as German Pollution Jumps 0713

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