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China’s Projected Primary Energy Consumption by Year 

  China’s Projected 2050 Electricity Sources by Time of Day


Australia Could Source 100% of Its Power from Renewables by 2050 - 0415

Renewables to Get Most of $1 Billion Ex-Im Bank Credit for India 0315

Costa Rica Electricity Was 100% Renewable for 75 Days Now.  How? 0315

UK on Track to Meet Its Renewable Energy Targets 0215

U.S. Companies Pledge to Build 20 GW of Renewable Energy in India 0215

India’s Renewable Energy Investments Likely to Cross $10 Billion This Year 0115

Obama's India Visit - Hopes for Clean Energy and Climate Deals 0115

Central America's New Coffee Buzz - Renewable Energy 1214

Wind Power Is Cheapest Energy, EU Analysis Finds 1014

Tiny Spanish Island Nears Its Goal - 100% Renewable Energy 0914

India's Push for Renewable Energy - Is It Enough? 0914

Norwegian House-Power Plant Produces Twice The Energy It Uses 0914

Burlington Vermont’s Electricity Goes 100% Renewable 0914

Renewables Up from 18 to 22% of Electricity, and Will Accelerate 0914

Africa to Add More Renewables in 2014 than Past 14 Years 0814

Renewable Energy Capacity Grows at Fastest Pace Ever 0814

Clean Energy (& Solar Air Conditioning) Is Indian Government’s Mantra 0814

India's Climate Change View Shifts toward Adaptation, Clean Energy 0314

Strong Future for Renewables in Texas 1213

Federal Boost for Farms' Renewable Energy in Doubt 1013

Cheap Power Stymies Renewables in Kyrgyzstan 0813

European Utilities Switch Off Investment in Fossil Fuel Plants 0613

Gas, Renewables to Power Texas Grid 0613

Copenhagen’s Ambitious Push to Be Carbon Neutral by 2025 0413

Germany Has Built Clean Energy Economy 1112 

Climate Action Plan for Incoming US President 1108 - PDF, 17 pp



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